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Launch for TYLER by C.H. Admirand

Welcome to the launch party for TYLER
Book One in my new series from Sourcebooks...
The Secret Life of Cowboys!

To help kick off my Virtual Tour, I'll be giving away 2 copies of TYLER today, so please be sure to leave a comment and your email addy so I know how to get in touch with you. I'll choose the lucky winners tonight at 9pm EST and will post them.

To help celebrate, I've convinced three dark-haired, dark-eyed, handsome cowboys from the small town of Pleasure, Texas to take an hour out of their really hectic day out at the Circle G Ranch to stop by. While you are enjoying those icy cold drinks--and the handsome, hunky cowboys serving them to you, here's an excerpt:

             He grinned, and his crooked smile went right to the soft spot in her heart reserved for rascals and rogues. At least that’s what her grandmother had told her all those years ago. Granny should know—she’d married a rogue of her own. Emily watched the way Tyler relaxed once they were alone together and that niggle of worry eased—for the moment. Funny, when other people were around, he was more reserved and treated her as if they hadn’t shared the tender moment that kept her awake most of the night. But alone together, he let his guard down.
Jolene’s voice had her looking over her shoulder. “Be right there.” Turning back to Tyler she said, “If there’s anything else—” Her voice trailed off as she got caught up in the desire plain as day in his velvet dark eyes. The desire called to her now, as it had last night, but was more insistent. She drew in a breath, felt her breasts pushing the bustier to the limit, and had the feminine satisfaction of watching his eyes glaze over. A definite mood lifter.
She shivered. She couldn’t help it. She’d never been so attracted so fast or been desired so desperately.
He grabbed her hand and yanked her close. “I just have to taste you again.” He dipped his head and sipped from her lips.
Emily moaned. She’d been expecting to be devoured after the way he tumbled her against him. The soft, hesitant kisses he trailed along the line of her jaw had the spit drying up in her mouth and every last thought evaporating from her brain. Passion she could have handled; Tyler’s devastatingly gentle exploration had desire curling in low in her belly.
She melted against him and it was his turn to groan. Drawing back, he rasped, “I wasn’t sure last night, but darlin’, you surely taste like sin.”
She snuggled closer. She’d wanted to take a walk on the wild side with him, now was her chance to light the fuse. Her earlier fantasy returned with a vengeance: Tyler naked in her bed, tied to her bedposts. It ramped up the sensual tension holding her by the throat. Sliding her fingers through his hair, she grabbed hold and tugged his head down until their lips were a breath apart. Ready for a taste of the passion she sensed lurked beneath the surface, she rasped, “I feel a sin coming on.”
Lips fused, hearts pounding, she let her tongue tangle with his and groaned in pure pleasure when he slid his hand down her spine to pin her to him. Heat to heat, her brain fizzled and every thought evaporated save one: kissing Tyler. She moaned and he took charge, changing the angle of the kiss, destroying her when his tongue left hers to tease the inside edge of her bottom lip.
Her legs buckled, but he held her up and plundered. “You’re addictive, Miss Langley, and this small sampling won’t be enough.” He paused then asked, “Will you meet me later?”
Emily smiled. “Your place or mine?”
His gaze smoldered with the passion he held in check. “Yours is closer.”

Don't be shy...if you need a refill to cool off, just ask. Check out the book video for a sneak peak at why Tyler finds himself in the position of having to work for the ladies at the Lucky Star. 

I grew up listening to a wide range of music, but one of my favorites has always been Country Music. Here are a couple that I used in Tyler's story and others that I listened to while writing TYLER.

But aside from growing up listening to Country Music, I was and still am a huge fan of Classic Silver Screen Cowboys and TV Westerns. Can you guess what Movie or TV show they starred in? I'll be posting the answers tonight with the winners at 9pm EST.

Even with all of the images of the handsome cowboys from my childhood swirling around in my head, when I first started writing Tyler's story, I hadn't settled on what his face would look like until I just happened to find the perfect image in a magazine...
I just loved his dark hair, dark eyes and the line of his jaw. When I found myself wanting to run my fingers over the stubble on his chin, I knew I'd have to rip the page of the magazine and tape it to my monitor...I'd found my image of Tyler. It wasn't until Deb emailed the cover for TYLER that I realized there was yet another dark-eyed cowboy who would be perfect! I really do love the cover. Can you guess who he is?'s a clue, he has his own show on HGTV. Stop back tonight and I'll post his name along with the Silver Screen Legends and Country Music Stars.

I've had some wonderful reviews for TYLER, Shelly at Dark Divas gave TYLER 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read. Here's the link:

Terri at Night Owl Reviews gave TYLER 4.75/5 and a Reviewer Top Pick. Here's the link:

It's been a blast visiting with everyone, but Tyler and his brothers have to get back to the ranch. Before they go, they reminded me to give you the info about the Virtual Tour for TYLER, here's the link to the dates:

If you are in New York City on Monday, March 7th, please stop by Lady Jane's Salon at Madame X's on Houston Street. I'll be one of the authors reading an excerpt up on their stage. It's a wonderful venue, here's the link for more information:

I'll be at work most of the day, but will be checking back during lunch and mid-afternoon. And don't forget I'll be giving away 2 copies of TYLER tonight at 9pm EST, so come on back!

C.H. Admirand


  1. Holy Hot Cowboy!!!! What a great excerpt. Hmmm. Another book that made to must-read list! Well done and best of luck with the launch. I'll be reposting/tweeting etc.

  2. Congratulations on your HOT launch party. I love westerns and country music so this is music to my ears! Great excerpt and pictures. Congrat's on the wonderful reviews!
    I did recognize all of them (Note: For many years I wrote for a local newspaper and one of my first features was an article about the house where Roy Rogers and Dale Evans got married just outside of town)

  3. Happy Launch Party! I grew up in rural Oklahoma so I am no stranger to cowboys. I adore the cover for Tyler! He is one fine-looking man. Congratulations on your new release!

  4. Happy Launch Day! The more hot cowboys around here, the merrier.

  5. I do love me a soft spoken, cow pokin' hot cowboy. Congratulations on the launch, and thanks for an excerpt that put a nice spin on the start of the day.

  6. Congrats on the launch, CH. Lots of gorgeous cowboy hunks! Thanks for sharing! I have to tell you I saw a real cowboy come into a Pizza Hut once, looked like he'd been herding cattle all day, wiry, 5'3", sun beaten, weathered skin--but man, was he real! :)

  7. Hey Sara thanks;)It's always hard for me to decide which excerpt to choose. So far it's been a crazy couple of days. Thanks so much for the tweet/repost thing.

    Carolyn! Thanks so much;)The hardest part about living in NJ is the lack of Country Music stations on the radio. I cried each time they closed down another one. If I drive for three hours in either direction, I can pick up a station that plays it. ;)

    Being a fellow western/cowboy romance author, I figured you'd have to recognize them all. How awesome that you wrote about two of my favorites. I wanted to be Dale for the longest time.

  8. Hi Stacie: I do love cowboys. It's all tied up in images and impressions from childhood and a wonderful trip cross country with my family as a kid.

    The one thing I changed is that my real-life cowboys wear black Stetsons. I think they're sexier than the white ones the good guys always wore in those classic westerns I grew up with. ;)

    The cover gods smiled upon me big time!

    Hmmm...maybe I could pick your brain about growing up in rural Oklahoma some time...

  9. Happy Release Day C.H. I love my cowboys & I'm looking forward to this one. Loved the excerpt.

  10. Hey Olivia! Thanks for stopping by. I agree about the hot cowboys. ;)

    Grace, I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt...I wasn't sure how hot to go and was toying around with posting this one scene of Tyler and Emily making love on top of the bar...but I think we're strictly pg13 here so I figured better safe then censored. LOL!

    Hey Terry - thanks for stopping by. I'm sitting here sighing wishing we were lucky enough to have real cowboys up here in NJ.

    BTW...when I was at RWA in Dallas a few years back, I remember asking where all the cowboys were and a woman overheard and said they're all out in San Angelo! Too bad I didn't have the time to drive out there. Next time.

  11. Hi Mary G - I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt. I have a different one up on my website - and a couple of others that I'll be posting during the virtual tour.

    I've added your name to the drawing...good luck!

  12. LOL I already checked you out last week. New author = new books to read.

  13. Congratulations on your new release! Fantastic cover...he's very hot. Thanks for the excerpt. I recognized most of the singers and movie clips but will wait till tonight to see if I am


  14. Yummmmmy! Enjoyed the photos and the video - am looking forward to enjoying the book even more!

  15. Who can resist a hot cowboy? It seems Emily can't! Congrats on the launch!


  16. ameliagrey@comcast.netMarch 2, 2011 at 11:20 AM

    Wow! I only have enough breath to say, "Step aside, ladies. I want Tyler!"

  17. Whew! Talk about indulging there. The Muses truly blessed you with this release!

  18. Good heavens there are some handsome cowboys pictured. I'm afraid that identification isn't my strong suit and hope to find out the name of the third cowboy down in the silver screen group.

  19. Congrats on your launch! Perfect timing! It's rodeo time in Houston right now, so everyone has cowboys on the brain.

  20. Maria, thanks. It's been amazing being a part of Sourcebooks. When I first saw the cover, I was's that hot. LOL!

    I'll definitely post the names of the singers and actors tonight.

    I've got your name entered into the drawing. Good luck!

  21. MaryG...I really love the way you think. ;)

  22. Thanks, Catherine. I'm glad you liked them. It was really difficult uploading the video until I changed over to the latest version of blogger...I didn't know I wasn't up-to-date. LOL!

  23. Hey CindyL - It's true, Emily and I cannot resist a hot cowboy. I mentioned that fact to my darling hubby years ago, and the dear man has been wearing snug-fitting jeans and cowboy boots ever since!

    I've got you down for the drawing. good luck!

  24. Thanks, Amelia! I'm so glad you stopped by...but Emily has Tyler's heart. His brother Dylan's spoken for as well...but I'm still writing Jesse's story...his heart is up for grabs! :)

    Thank you, Stephanie. I'm so glad you think so. Thank goodness my creative self took charge, so I didn't die of embarrassment in that club! I was definitely not ready for that particular life-altering experience. ;)

  25. Wow, who doesn't want to party with so many handsome cowboys? I enjoyed the excerpt - and what a great cover!

  26. Hey Lil, I'm glad you enjoyed the visuals. Sometimes, a face will pop in my head, but most often characters will show up with personalities first, then I get a glimpse of what they look like. ;)

    I can give you a hint about the third cowboy down...he had a hit TV Western from 1955 to 1963, was in the Dirty Dozen, and joined some of the actors from that movie to do voice-overs in Small Soldiers. ;)

  27. Hey Tamara! Thanks for stopping by...I really loved the cover. ;) Congrats on your launch of Taste Me! I cannot wait to read it. ;)

    Now that I've finished my RITA books, I can get to my Sourcebooks Sisters' books ;) The pile has been growing since January!!!

  28. Thanks, Shana! Too bad I'm such a long way from Houston. I try to catch whatever rodeo circuit they're showing on cable.

    Watching those bulls up close is really scary...they look like they are about to enjoy bucking their rider lose before trying to stomp them into the dirt.

  29. Save a horse, ride a cowboy :)
    Gorgeous cover - yum! And loved the excerpt too. Congrats on your new release and have a wonderful launch!

  30. Hey Catslady...thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    BTW, I do love that Big and Rich song. ;)

  31. Oh wow this was just awesome! I do love me some cowboys, they are so hot! Happy lauch day.

  32. Wowsers! Great except, great book trailer - hope you are having a great launch!!

  33. Just wanted to add the email address that I forgot this morning.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  34. Hey Stacie...I've got you in the drawing. ;)

  35. Hey Virginia - Thanks...there's just something about those tall, dark and handsome hunks...most times they're on the quiet side. My momma always told me to watch out for the quiet I married'll be 32 years this August! He's a keeper. ;)

  36. Amanda! Thanks for stopping Sourcebooks Sisters are fabulous. It's been quite a day. ;)

  37. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today to get to know Tyler and Emily and meet Tyler's brothers. ;)

    As promised, here is the list of names for the Country Music Stars first:

    "Gentleman" George Strait - one of my favorite songs by him is "Amarillo by Mornin'"

    Garth Brooks - my fav is "Callin' Baton Rouge"

    and Trace Adkins (sigh) - my fav is "Every Light in the House"

  38. Congrats, CH. Great excerpt! Love a good cowboy story.

  39. Now for the Silver Screen Legends:

    John Wayne (sigh)(aka the Ringo Kid) and Claire Trevor (aka Dallas) in Stagecoach. I am a HUGE fan of John all time fave is the Quiet Man w/Maureen O'Hara.

    James Arness (sigh) (aka Marshal Dillon) and Amanda Blake (aka Miss Kitty) Who didn't want them to end up riding into the sunset together?

    Clint Walker (MEGA sigh) (aka Cheyenne) there's just something about the depth and resonance of his voice, combined with his integrity, etc....OK...sorry...he is a fave too! LOL!

    Gary Cooper (aka Marshal Will Kane) and Grace Kelly (aka Amy Fowler Kane) in High Noon...even toward the end of his career, Gary Cooper just had that indefinable something that made him memorable.

    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans from their TV Show...just look at how awesome they look together. They were a wholesome, down home couple for the whole of their lives. I really wanted to be Dale when I was a kid. (sigh)

    OH...and last but not least...Carter Oosterhouse...from HGTV's Carter Can. What's not to love about this man? He's handy with tools and can fix ANYTHING!!!
    Lord am I showing my age that fixing what's broken in the house is important???

    All right, but one of these days I'm going to have to write a book about my darling hubby...the man can fix ANYTHING!!! and has over the 29 years we've lived in our home...he does NOT do trim...but he has many other attributes that are so much more worthwhile...I'll leave that to your imagination. ;)

  40. I simply cannot choose...sooooo...I've got 4 signed copies going out to:
    Maria and

    I'll email you ladies separately with the good news.

    Thanks again!!!

  41. Loved the excerpt and the cover. Congrats C.H. on your release. One of the pics is of Clint Walker from Cheyenne. God he was gorgeous. I think he was something like 6"6. I had the biggest crush on him for years. Such man. :)

    Carol L

  42. I'm chiming in really late, but I just want to say congrats on joining Sourcebooks' cowgirl roster! I love the excerpt - love your writing and your characters. And congratulations on all the great reviews! We're so glad to have you with us - and Tyler, too:)

  43. Hey Carol L: I'm glad you liked them...Clint Walker...let me just have a moment while I breathe deeply savoring his image.

    The man is breathtaking. ;) He has a website, and I was thinking of buying one of my favorite photos of was the episode where the bad guys were going to whip him and had him tied to some tree branches. Oh My! I'm an author and I don't have the words. ;)

    Ck my appearances on my website, I'm giving away more copies of TYLER during the March Virtual Tour.

  44. Hey Joanne! Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I'm in august company between yourself and Carolyn Brown.

    You ladies are THE BEST!!!

  45. Hey Anita! Thanks so much for stopping by and the support of Cowboy Romance. ;)

  46. Congratulations on your release, CH! And I love your cover...just beautiful!