Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are Werewolves Fiction?

While we were trying to move our library, an older volunteer overheard me talking about book deadlines to one of the librarians during our lunch break, who happened to be one of the ladies who ventured with me to St Francis Wolf Sanctuary. The volunteer asked if I wrote books.

"Yes," I said.

I didn't volunteer anything more, because I figured she wouldn't be impressed with werewolf books. But she persisted. "What do you write?" she asked.

I smiled. Oh, I know. I should be totally serious and just blurt out: Werewolf romances.

But it is the Bible Belt here, so I smile FIRST instead, and then say, "I write werewolf romances."

She hesitated, then, as she'd been shelving our books, asked, "Would it be in fiction?"

Many of the reviews I've received for the werewolf series mention how real the series seems and how I've made them feel wolves/werewolves live among us. :)

Ever since I was a kid, I loved paranormal tales--ghost stories, vampire stories, stuff that would make me sleep in the middle of the bed and awake with a start if I got too close to the edge of the mattress because of watching a horror story where something under the bed grabbed the person sleeping, pulled her under the bed, and she was never seen again.

I love thrillers more than I love horror stories, and I love humorous paranormals too, like Love at First Bite, and I was a Teenage Werewolf, or Hocus Pocus, Stardust, and a number of fun paranormals, along with the scarier ones--as long as they have somewhat of a happily ever after ending.

But for me, the fun is in creating a ParaNormal world where the paranormal element--even as fictional as werewolves are--can be thought of as truly existing. It's that suspension of belief that allows the imagination to take wing and allows us to enjoy worlds beyond our own.

I write everything from true stories to romantic suspense and straight historical romance, but the paranormal stirs my imagination the most.

But to make that world real, I promised some more pictures of St Francis Wolf Sanctuary--which is the Normal in my ParaNormal world--

These are Arctic wolf siblings whose alpha parents were killed in the Arctic, and the hunter brought the pups back to the States to sell to someone who wanted wild wolves. They ended up at the Arctic wolf sanctuary in Oregon, which I've mentioned in a couple of my stories, but the owners, recently due to poor health, had to find other homes for their wolves as they could no longer keep the sanctuary open.

I had always wanted to visit the sanctuary some day, so I was saddened to hear of their closing. Here is a picture of a couple of the Arctic sanctuary's Arctic wolf pups and an alpha male.

Havoc, the alpha playing with arctic wolf pups

Nepenthe and Ventana loving Havoc,

their adopted dad and alpha male.

The wolves all found homes in sanctuaries across the U.S. and the two I have pictured made the trip to Texas and have settled happily in our much hotter climate.

A couple of days after I explained to the volunteer that my werewolf books were fiction, another volunteer working in a different department commented on the wolf shirt I was wearing and how much she loved it. I said I write werewolf romances. There. No smiling, no preamble, I just said it.

She nodded, didn't say anything, and I smiled to myself and went about my business. When I was working on my story during lunch break, she came up to me and asked, "What are werewolves?"

I had to couch a smile.

"They are shapeshifters who turn into wolves, but very romantic, not horror like." I waved at my work station decorated with fan's pictures of wolves and added, "I base them on real wolves."

"Oh," she said, nodding, and left me alone.

I smiled and went back to writing about wolves and werewolves that truly exist in our world.

Terry Spear

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. Your comment makes me think of you as a shape shifter, a normal, book-shelving librarian at first glance, but just ask that one question--Do you write books?--and another life form looks out of your otherwise guileless eyes. The next time you hear this question, I wish for you a squealing, OMG response. "YOU wrote those books? YOU?!" from somebody who belongs to a huge book club.

  2. I also love the paranormal. I love thinking "beyond", but my paranormals, while they have demons and lots of evil, aren't really dark. They include humor, and they're set in the normal world. There's just stuff going on that most people aren't aware of.
    I love a good ghost story, something mysterious and creepy, but I don't like horror.

    Thanks for the pictures of the wolves.

  3. I would be that person who would squeal at meeting such a wonderful writer as Terry Spear...Hi Terry! I love the idea that other worlds and realities exists because of great people like her. Thanks for all the good times with your werewolves. There have been many times I wished 'normal' people would/could act with such dignity,compassion and maturity!

  4. "Would it be in fiction?" LOL!
    Yep, probably so...
    Writing paranormal romance is a great way to stretch your imagination. I love it too!

  5. There's actually someone out there who doesn't know what werewolves are?

    Hey, isn't someone we know in Scotland right now? Hoping that someone is having a wonderful time.

  6. So funny that she just nodded and left you alone. She knew she was way out of her league!
    Great job, Terry!

  7. I never really thought of werewolves as sexy until I saw twilight. Hmm. I guess they can be after all! Your pictures sure are cute,mtoo!

  8. Is it fiction? LOL!

    That cracked me up!

  9. Is it fiction? No, ma'am, it's the real thing. I commune with them when there's a blood moon and they tell me their romantic stories. Would you like to come with me to the pecan grove next blood moon? Betcha that would have gotten more than an "oh" out of her! LOL
    I'm wondering when you are going to put the werewolves in cowboy boots!

  10. Terry ~ You have so made my day. That is too funny!

  11. I love the question about fiction! It reminds me of when I was at a fancy hotel dressed in full regency duds. A woman in the elevator asked me why there were so many of us dressed up, and I replied that we were a group of Jane Austen fans. She said, "Jane Austen? I've heard of her. Is she here?" Yes, indeed, shelved in fiction!

  12. I think that's what I like best about your seems possible. I've read two and can't wait to read more.

  13. Thanks for the laugh - is it in fiction? Love it! I'm glad all the wolves found homes!

  14. I'm with you. I like my paranormals to seem as real as possible. A few years ago I was working on a werewolf story and we lived close to the zoo. My kids and I used to go and watch the wolves all the time. :)

  15. Woohoo, thanks, ladies, for dropping by while I was out of country!!! I just arrived in Pensacola, and this is the first time I had internet. I thought I burned up my laptop, but it's working at my son's place. Great sigh of relief!!!

    Yes, Grace, and you know I did an interview with one site and the interviewer was trying to discover if I really was one...Hmmm....reminds me of a investigative reporter...

    Hey, Anita, I love thrillers, but not really into horror either! And humor is so important!! Definitely ghostly, mysterious and creepy is great!

    Ohmigosh, I so agree with you, Jessica!!!--about people having maturity and all--who are supposed to be normal!!! Thanks for loving my books!!!

    I agree, Cheryl. It's fun stretching our imagination!

    Woohoo, yes, Olivia!!! I was in Scotland, no internet, so this is the first chance I've had to check the 1200 emails I got while I was away!!! I'll share some pictures next blog---and even a ghostly tale!

    I agree, Amelia. LOL :)

    Shana, yes, I even did a blog on trolls needing loving. :) I picked up these loving trolls from Norway at Disney World, and it brought to mind that everyone can be sexy to the right people!

    LOL, Lynn, yeah, I was so surprised by the question that I studied her face first to see if she was asking me honestly or pulling my leg. LOL

    Carolyn--yeah, I need a hunky Texas wolf, no doubt about it!!!

    I'm glad I made your day, Lydia!!! The ladies made mine! LOL

    Ohmigosh, Abigail, you could have said, "Yes, in spirit, she's with us always." :)

    Thanks so much, Sara!!! I can't wait to read your series!

    Amanda, I was glad they found homes too! And they're happy!

    Brenda, that is so neat! Our local zoo doesn't have any!!! Or I'd be done there taking more pictures!

    Thanks to everyone for dropping by while I was doing wild things in Scotland!

  16. There's that saying 'truth is stranger than fiction'.

    A parrot breeder I know has a gorgeous wolf pair. No one will break into his place! I could easily see them shifting into human form, but I just know they're happier the way they are.

  17. How neat, Linda! And they don't even eat the parrots! So maybe they are shifters!!! They would know better! :)

  18. "What are werewolves?"
    I just love that.

  19. The power of the imagination and the written can make the magical real. Great post, Terry!

  20. Yes, MM. Some live a very sheltered life!

    I so agree, Kathryne!