Friday, July 2, 2010

Patriotism and the Red, White and Blue!

This little patriotic bear I created was featured in Texas Monthly Magazine a few years back!

Patriotic Patrick was featured in Teddy Bear Review Magazine some years back for their 4th of July celebration in the July issue!

The Fourth of July is a celebration of independence, more than just hot dogs and fireworks, or a day off from work.

I remember my son telling me when he came home from college, not grade school! about a student who said in his American history class, "Oh, wow, the Declaration of Independence was signed on the Fourth of July holiday!" Uhm, no, not exactly. :) The Declaration of Independence was signed on the 2nd of July, but final approval was on the 4th, and of course the celebration followed and eventually became a national holiday. So the history professor patiently explained that the Declaration of Independence wasn't signed on a holiday. It was the reason for the holiday. :)

But did you know that two of the founding fathers of the United States, and the only two men who actually signed the Declaration of Independence who became presidents of the United States, died on Jul 4, exactly 50 years later? They had been friends and adversaries and died within hours of each other. There's a really good movie called John Adams, that is excellent in its showcasing some of our first history through John Adams's life.

Thanks to all those who served to make our Independence Day a reality, and to those who served in the Armed Forces after that and who are now serving or soon will be.

Hopefully, everyone will have a terrific and safe holiday!!! It's the last big holiday before school starts in the fall. Will you be having a big celebration? Or staying at home and enjoying the time off? Or working still???

I actually am working! But I plan to have fun writing on Dreaming of the Wolf and working on guest blogs for August's release of Seduced by the Wolf, and anything else I can get myself into--a movie--lunch out, and more writing!!!

And that is my pursuit of happiness!

Oh, and this just in: My VERY FIRST review of SEDUCED BY THE WOLF, and woohoo--thanks to Crystal of CKs Kwips and Kritiques!!! She made my WHOLE 4th of July the greatest!!!

5 Clovers!!!

To everyone, whether you celebrate it or not, here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!

Terry Spear
"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. Happy 4th to you, Terry! And I watched John Adams and loved it. And now I have it on dvd as I got it as a Christmas present from a very sweet sister-in-law.
    Congratus on the great review!
    Now enough celebrating. Get back to work on more great wolf books!

  2. I love Independence Day! We'll watch the festivities from the Mall in Washington DC on TV (since the metro is crazy when you hit it in person).

    All three of our kids will be home (though my Boy Scout has to be back to work at the camp on the 4th.) so we're going to spend a whole lotta time together.

    DH took a few extra days off to finish our living room (he's busy rewiring the electric as I type). So far he's ripped down the ceiling, installed the radiant heating (for the second floor), and ripped down a chimney, the bricks he pulled down he plans to use in a new porch, and with any luck, he will have the drywall done and painted by Tuesday (I hope).

    My copy edits are due on the 6th so I'll be doing a last read through. In between all that, I'll be cooking all the family favorites for my kids who have been away where they make eggs in plastic bags or, even worse, the microwave...and that's just breakfast.

    Love the bears Terry! I wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day!

  3. Thanks, Amelia, and to you!!! Wasn't John Adams terrific? It was amazing to see all the travesty he had in his life with his family--the daughter (wasn't it?) who had breast cancer and how they had to deal with it back then was heart wrenching. Yes, your SIL is indeed a treasure! It's getting reviews like that, that make me even more excited to get back in bed with my characters. :) Thanks so much for sharing my joy!!! Woohoo!!!

  4. Robin, sounds like you'll have a real family weekend of it!!! I've got to work some of mine, but I'm off today and my daughter and I are having lunch out and shopping for dresses for my son's wedding in Pensacola the weekend before conference. :) I bet you'll be glad when your living room is done!!! Have a super fun time with family! And thanks on the bears!!! I have one red, white and blue bear that's a tribute to my son when he made Eagle Scout too!

  5. We're going to have a rainy 4th here in Houston thanks to Hurricane Alex. Maybe it will clear up enough for some fireworks.

  6. Wow, Terry! Congratulations on the fabulous review. They don't get any better than that! Love the bears, too. You're multi-talented AND multi-published. And always multi-tasking, from what I can see:)
    I always spend the eventing of the Fourth down at the park with my friend and her family, who I've adopted as my "Wyoming family" (my own folks live back East). I'll bring my big dog so he can hide behind me when the fireworks start!

  7. I love your teddies, Terry!

    John Adams was a terrific mini series.

    Seems like holidays don't mean we don't work, does it?

  8. Congrats on the fabulous review. You design such cute, patriotic teddy bears!

    I'm not sure what we're doing this 4th of July. We usually make the 450 mile drive to visit the parental units, but I don't think that's happening this year. I'll probably just watch the neighborhood fireworks and have some BBQ.

  9. Happy Independence Day to everyone!

    I do love this holiday primarily due to what it means. Yes, the fireworks are cool and who doesn't love to have an excuse to eat BBQ and foods totally bad for you? But the true delight is remembering the past and our brave founding fathers and soldiers, both then and on down through time, who keep the American dream alive.

    Love the bears Terry! And I know all about working through a holiday as I am on for the whole weekend! No fireworks for me and any celebrating will be in the form of a potluck consumed between changing diapers. Yum!

  10. Congrats on the review, can't wait till the book hits the shelves. *taps foot impatiently*!!!But I will survive...somehow!

    I took a few extra days off to extend my three day weekend to five days. At work we are very short handed and I was informed that around Thanksgiving a fellow co-worker will be delivering an addition to her family. So for around 8 weeks, will be even shorter handed. ARG! I may not have any hair left after that, but I will manage. Somehow!

    It's a time for me to recharge the ole batteries, my son is out of town to visit his sperm donor, so I'm reading to my hearts content!

    Happy Independence Day to all...

  11. Hi, Shana, hope your 4th clears up for the fireworks! It's been pouring here all day, so I've been without my internet. I'm at my daughter's trying to catch up!

  12. Joanne, thanks so much on the review and the bears and all!!! It sounds like you'll have a great time. My standard poodle was terrified of fireworks...hope yours is okay. Have fun watching the fireworks!!!

    Linda, thanks so much on the bears! Holidays mean write faster. LOL!!!

    Hi Olivia, thanks on the bears, and that sounds like a great deal about having the fireworks from home. Driving all that distance just wears me out thinking about it!!! Have fun!

    Oooh, ick, changing diapers, Sharon???!!! Well, I meant to write, but my daughter and I were looking for dresses to wear to my son's wedding. She found one. I didn't. Oh, well. :) Have a super weekend with your family!!!

    Woohooh, Jessica! I should have taken time off...with as much stress as we've had at work, all of us are chomping at the bit to take a vacation. Thanks on the book! Soon! Can't wait for its release and hope you love Leidolf's story! Thanks again!

  13. Thanks for putting me in the holiday mood! Have a great 4th of July!!

  14. Thanks, Amanda! Glad you're in the holiday mood! Happy 4th!

  15. Thanks so much, Kathryne! I was beyond thrilled! :) Thanks again!!