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Argh, Summer!!!!

Summer is here and so are the BUGS! While I was outside pulling the thousands of weeds from my garden, which are multiplying much, much faster than my jasmine plants, I found barely any bugs. THEY are ALL inside the house!!!


So a friend sent me a bug exterminator.

What do you think? Does he have what it takes to handle the meanest bugs???

He's even combat ready with his fatigue trousers and boots. Wolf style, of course...real Army guys wouldn't be this...shaggy. :)

Love it!

Thanks to Donna for sending me a man to do the job right!

I'm still having trouble with my computer. *sigh* Also. Summer heat? Or more bugs? First, I got rid of the 88 spywares and the 1 malware. Hmm-hmm, more bugs, you see. And all with the advent of summer!

Wolves shed their coats and so they look pretty shaggy during the summer. But one good thing about summer for werewolves is that they can get by with wearing fewer clothes and it's much easier to shift that way!

On the other hand, the problem with summer can be fewer clothes and sunburns. A good friend of mine, named, ahem, Judi Fennell, who has a real thing for mermen (I love 'em too!), had a problem with that over the hot Memorial Day weekend.

And here I quote Judi:
"I'm covered in solarcaine (when you take a friend's book out "just for an hour," you should definitely wear sunscreen - because that hour turned into three. Thanks Terry Spear!)"

And to this, one of our mutual fans, Ms Diva Donna, replied: "And Judi should know, if you swim with Mermen and Dance with Wolves. Extra protection is a must."


So bugs and heat and sunburn pain are definitely the downsides of summer.

And here's a dog enjoying the dog days of summer.

But what's really great about summer is my son's upcoming wedding the weekend before RWA and attending the conference and meeting everyone!

Plus Seduced by the Wolf, is coming in August, which is Leidolf's story. After 4 books where he's got a role, but no's about time, don't you think?

And my Daughter-in-Law, yes the one who's marrying my son (but they already had a JP wedding so she could transfer with him--military thing, you know) facebooked me. From talking about our gaming strategies on Dragon Age--and trying to kill the Mother...whatever she is, which continues to beat me and Malinie, to my books being available for her new Nook--and sharing this information with her lieutenant wives' friends--who think it's cool that her new mother-in-law is an author--is a way of keeping in touch!

So if I can keep my bug exterminator on-hand, and get another jug of weed killer, and a ton of sunscreen for when I look for more mermen, and a floaty, minus the dog, and a beautiful pool like this, and have a daughter-in-law who is my new publicist for the Air Force...I might survive summer until all the fun begins!!!

What about you? Do you need protection from summer???

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. Does your bug exterminator double as an umbrella holder? I'm a red-head and burn within 15 minutes of sun exposure...YAY ME! I could definitely use a little protection in that area! ;)

    I love that chocolate lab picture! Reminds me of my dearly departed Mocha (our chocolate lab, he was a long, tall and lanky goof!)

  2. LOL, I'm sure he would bring you drinks with little umbrellas too!!! AND slather on the sunscreen in all the hard to reach spots.

    I always wanted a chocolate lab. I had a yellow lab, biggest, sweetest, funniest slob you'd ever want to meet. She and I were Obedience School Dropouts!!! :)

  3. I agree with you on bugs, Terry! Mosquitos especially. But, I suppose, people could just bring me around when they are outside, because mosquitos seems to be attracted to me, hahaha :)

    Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

  4. Terry, I am SO excited to meet you at RWA! It is going to be simply wonderful. I hope all of us are going to be there!

    I hear you on the bugs. And the weeds. I keep looking at my yard - from inside the house - hoping that the overgrown bushes and Vietnam sized weeds will just disappear overnight. They never do though, any more than the weight I pray will do the same. Guess that means I should get my buff son out there to work! LOL!

    Sorry Judi! I feel your pain. I have to be very careful in the sun. I imagine you are even more sensitive. Hope you feel better soon.

    Keep the wolf tale acomin' Terry! And congrats to your son. :)

  5. Oh, my goodness, Terry, if I have a type that's IT. Slap a cowboy hat on him and send him over:) Gooooood morning!!!

    Seriously, congrats on your son's wedding, and look out for those bugs!

  6. At my house, it's all about sunscreen and hats. It's super hot here in Houston, but the heat beats the winter cold any day.

  7. Can I borrow your exterminator, Terry? Please? Please?

  8. Terry, I live in Florida! We have bugs and sun year round so naturally I thought everyone had a good-looking bug exterminator! :-)

  9. I have a love/hate relationship with bugs. When I was a little kid in Florida, I wanted to be an an entomologist when I grew up. I got a lot of raised eyebrows from the adults when I, as a six-year-old, told them my grand plan.

    I had the most amazing bug collection which I sold to a professor at USF for $300 before moving back north because my mother refused to get in a car with that many dead bugs. Little did she know she'd been living in the same house with them for quite a while. Ah the advantages of having a really messy room.

    Now we get ants every spring when the rains start. I despise them and do whatever is necessary to kill them. I could make use of a hunky exterminator. *grin*

  10. LOL!!!
    I so glad you're keeping that Hunky Bug Man Busy. He gets into way too much trouble if he's not busy fighting off 4 legged critters. We all should have our own private Cabana Boy to wait on us hand and foot. And Merman for the pool and Hunky Wolves to Dance in the moonlight with. Aw!! Summertime when the living is Easy. LOL!!

  11. Your "exterminator" looks more like a rock star to me. I volunteer him for one of my future covers. He's yummy!

    As someone who suffers from extreme seasonal depression, I'll take bugs and sunburns over the long, cold, dark winter anyday. Especially if those bugs come with that exterminator. We tend to get a mass exodus of crickets into our basement at the end of summer. *chirrup, chirrup

  12. I'm a big fan of summer but can certainly understand how frustrating the bugs can be. The only good thing about winter rolling in here is that the bugs are slowly dying or going into hiding.
    I could do with a bug exterminator come next summer. Hope you enjoy your summer.

  13. Sorry about the buggy problem - though for that exterminator it may be worth it. I vote for haning out with the dog in the pool - he looks like he knows the important things in life!

  14. LOL! I'm happy to see someone else is posting hunks. They do get the reader's attention.

    Now, what were you talking about? Bugs? Really?

  15. Yikes, it was a late night and I'm just now getting back here. After work, my daughter and I had dinner out and saw The Prince of Persia! Woohoo for romance, humor, mystery, adventure and fantasy!!!

    Danielle, yes, the mosquitoes get me down. We've been lucky--it's been so hot and dry, no mosquitoes, but we had rain and that with the heat will bring them on. *sigh*

    Sharon, same here!!! I was so disappointed I couldn't meet you and everyone last year at conference. I'm thrilled to be able to go this year and see you!

    Oh, yeah, if you've got a buff son, send him out to be your weed and bug exterminator! And thanks on the congrats to my son. Working hard on Dreaming of the Wolf now! Just got Wolf Fever edits in also last night, so need to work on that. Need 72 hour weekends!!! Whoops, there goes the weeding! Makes me sooo sad!!!

    Hey, Joanne, yeah, I'll send him to you next, with an order to wear a cowboy hat...pair of boots too??? :) I'm sure besides wrangling bugs, he's super at wrangling horses!!!

    Ah, Shana! You have lots more humidity than we do in Central Texas. But I loved visiting Galveston Island, even if it was during a tropical storm!!

    Kathryne! Yes, I'll loan him out. He stopped the bugs for the moment, and so as long as you promise to return him, I'm game!!! :)

    LOL, Amelia! When I lived in Florida, we HAD to coat ourselves in bug spray to stand for the school bus in the mornings. Planes would fly overhead and dump a cloud of poison meant to kill off the mosquitoes. I remember them buzzing in my ears at night when they'd slip into my bedroom, and covering my head with a comforter, trying to save myself from the vampiric mosquitoes!!!

    Oh, how funny, Robin! That's amazing that you made money off bug collecting. And too funny that your mother wouldn't let you take them with you!!! And that she never knew you even had them! :) We have fire ants really bad. And last year I had both fire ants and carpenter ants in the house. :( The exterminator wasn't hunky. He nearly killed me with the fumigation. Lost my voice and it's never been the same!!! But this guy, yeah, he does it right! After Joanne is through with him, do you want to be next in line for help???

    Donna, he'll make the living easy!!! :) Thanks for sharing him with me so we could keep him nice and busy! :) Hmm, Cabana Boy...that sounds awfully nice, and wicked!

    Cassandra Jade, that's what I love about helps to kill of the bugs!!! :) I'll put you on the list for the bug exterminator also! :)

    Amanda, yes, absolutely, the bug exterminator makes it worthwhile! That dog is the most relaxed "pup" and makes me long to be in the pool like that! Forget weeding! I'm sure I can think up lots more scenes while floating around on a tube in a pool!

    LOL, Cheryl!!! It's a good thing I wasn't posting about a new release. :) Everyone would have focused on...The Exterminator!!! :) But what a nice hunk to focus on. :)

  16. Yikes, Olivia, I missed you! One year we had crickets really bad. They were in the banks, smooshed all over the roads, it was a real epidemic. The Exterminator would definitely make for a wonderful cover!!! :)


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