Saturday, May 1, 2010

Motherhood and Beginnings and Mayday Celebrations!

This month's theme is about motherhood and new beginnings. But today also is May Day. :)

In August, my new release is Seduced by the Wolf, where Leidolf Wildhaven has his heart set on a loner red wolf, and Cassie Roux has other notions in mind. It's spring and the time for wolf pups and the rebirth of the trees and flowers--
but as a wolf biologist, who had been raised by wolves after her family perishes, she is dedicated to the wolf's cause. And that means, she has no intention of mixing it up with an alpha male leader, who's looking for a mate.

Leidolf believes the werewolf's cause is just as important, if not more so, and therein lies the difficulty.

I was just watching a film about a man who's lost his wife of many years, and how desolate he becomes. Until he saves a wolf's puppies after the she-wolf is killed. The wife had been feeding the she-wolf before she died, and he had shown no interest in the wolf. It showed how even a guy can be a great mother to a pack of wolves when they need him--ahem, of course he had to have an angel intervene to point out the way to him, but after that...well, it was fun watching him playing with the wolves. :) And how that nurturing side of him made him live again.

But Seduced by the Wolf was based in part on a true story, where a wolf biologist rescued a she-wolf and her pups after her mate is killed. And it had a happily ever after for her...just like with mine!!! Wolves and werewolves alike.

Although, not for the bad guys. :)

I was reading an account of two Blackfeet who found a single wolf pup alive in a den, the others having drowned because of flooding, the alpha male and female frantic, but unable to reach them. The one Blackfoot took the pup and raised him, and twice, once from a raiding Crow war party and another time from a Sioux, the wolf saved them, even though it would have nothing to do with the dogs in the Blackfeet camp, and the other braves were reluctant to take the wolf on raids. But then, the wolf left the camp more often, and finally quit returning to the brave who had raised him. And then, he returned with another wolf, but this one wouldn't approach the camp. Then restless, he left and a year later, returned with another wolf. He took off with her and they were never seen again. His friends told him to find another wolf pup to raise, but he simply said, "No."

Was the wolf his mate? I'd like to think so, and he ended up with a litter of his own. HEA. That's my motto! :) I know it's supposed to be about mothers and all, and I suppose I should have waited for father's day to talk about all these men taking care of wolf pups and raising them! But the stories are fresh in my mind...sooo....hope you enjoyed them.

I'm finishing up Heart of the Highland Wolf and so am looking forward to birthing a new book, Dreaming of the Wolf (title to change)...which is lots more fun than having a baby! :) Although there are growing pains with that too!!! :)

Have a wonderful 1st day of May, May Day, where in ancient times, the Romans celebrated a feast and worshiped Flora, the goddess of flowers. Later, in Medieval times, a Maypole was added. Gathering flowers for headdresses and running through the woods, naked, unabashed, celebrating in dancing, feasting, and greenwood marriages, worshipers worshiped fertility and love and life. Just think of how cheap greenwood marriages would be in this day and age?

For werewolves, not a problem. So with that I leave you with best tidings to enjoy spring and May, and new beginnings!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. Just a note that To Tempt the Wolf is temporarily out of stock, but should be available again soon!

  2. Happy May Day!

    Interesting post.

    I always love hearing about your wolves, and I found the stories of men being "mothers" to them touching.

  3. A very interesting post. Hope you have a wonderful May Day and a great month. May your writing go smoothly today.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. Happy May Day, Mary Margret!! I loved them too...I might have to find a story about women taking care of wolf pups for Father's Day now! LOL :) Thanks, have a great day!

  5. Thanks, Mason! I have to work, boohoo, but I'm happily editing this morning on Heart of the Highland Wolf before work. It's so nearly done, I can taste wolf!!! Have a super day!!

  6. What cute babies! Happy May Day! And Happy Derby Day, too!

  7. Happy May Day.
    It's a cool story.

  8. Thanks, Cheryl! It's Derby day too?

    Thanks, Donna! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

  9. I always love your posts, Terry, and all your wonderful wolf pics. Great to hear that your writing is going so splendidly. Congrats!

  10. Thanks so much, Kathryne! :) I've got to run, but I appreciate you stopping by to comment! I never know what I'm going to say until I say it! And it's always a relief when folks like the post!!! The pictures of wolves and their pups definitely adds!!!

  11. Stories about wolves remind me of Mowgli of the Jungle Book, a book treasured with I was a kid. Gorgeous pictures Terry. Congratulations on your book being out of stock. I am glad I already have it. Happy May Day (also Labor Day in Europe).

  12. What cute wolf pictures! Thanks for sharing those stories.

  13. Terry,
    I just loved those pictures you posted. Happy May day, your book being out of stock just shows how popular your stories are. I know I have quite a few of them on my TBR and TBB list.


  14. Happy May Day, Terry! And thanks for pointing out that men can be nurturing, too. One of the first things I noticed about Scrape was how much he loves his kids. It definitely makes a man attractive when he has a nurturing side.
    Have a great day at work!

  15. Happy motherhood month everyone! I know we all have wonderful thoughts to share as we begin this month of new releases, new beginnings, and celebrating all aspects of motherhood.

    I LOVE your wold tales, Terry! I always look forward to your blog days for the photos alone. I am never disappointed there, and then you write something wonderful and it is even better!

    I am glad you are giving Leifdolf (sp?) his chance to shine. I just finished your 3rd book (I know, WAY behind!) so he is fresh in my mind. I can't wait to see what you have planned for him! He is great but needs to be humbled a bit. LOL!

    Now I just need to get caught up on CasaBabe reading......

  16. Thanks so much, Mona! I'm so glad you have To Tempt the Wolf also. I hope it doesn't take much longer before it's available again! :) I loved the Jungle Book too. :)I hope you enjoy To Tempt the Wolf as much as I loved writing about Hunter!!

    Thanks, Shana! Glad you enjoyed them!

    Thanks so much, Robin!! Happy May Day! It's been unbelievably wild at the library I look forward to going home after work, writing more on Heart of the Highland Wolf and adding more to your TBB pile! :) Wicked, right??? Thanks again, Robin!!

    Joanne, thanks, and Happy May Day to you also! Yes, my dad, who had a horrible family life, ended up being such a good and nurturing father, and men like that make for wonderfully loving heroes!

    Thanks, Sharon!! I'm thrilled you love my wolf tales!!! And I don't know how you can keep up with them with working and writing too! :) I had fun with Leidolf in Legend of the White Wolf too. It was fun giving him a role in the 1st 4 books, which led to his role in Seduced by the Wolf. :) Cassie truly has given him a run for his money! Thanks again, Sharon!

  17. ADORABLE piccies, Terry!

    Thanx for those and for the reminder that guys have a nurturing side too. :-)


  18. Thanks so much, AC!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the blog!

  19. Very cute wolf pics! The pups are adorable! Makes me want to give them a snuggle, but I bet mama-wolf would not be too pleased!

  20. I so agree, Amanda! They do look perfectly huggable! :)

  21. Happy May Day Terry!

    A great post as usual.

  22. Thanks, Linda!!! Happy May Day to you also! :)

  23. Terry--I am always amazed at how much research you do; I bet you'd be a champ on Jeopardy! A really great post--sorry i'm so late to the game in commenting :)

  24. LOL, Danielle! Thanks so much! I love doing research! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :)