Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Dreaming of the Wolf! & 2-Book Contest!!!

I just finished writing Heart of the Highland Wolf, Book 7, about hunky Highlanders, including a true family Highland story, changed a bit, and sent off my contribution to the nonfiction book: Make Love Like a Romance Author, and now I am beginning anew!

Which is one of the things we're talking about this month: new beginnings!

It's time to dream of hot wolves and the trouble they can get themselves into. Hmm-hmm! :) So next up is Dreaming of the Wolf (or some such title) about Jake Silver from Destiny of the Wolf & Wolf Fever fame.

So what does a macho wolf do on his off-duty time? Photographs wildflowers. And nobody better snicker about it.

But something...or someone has gotten his undivided attention. And it's making him Sleepless in Silver Town.

I'll be talking about writing a series as the featured author for Calamity's Corner, June 1, and participating in Summer of Love on Jun 1 with a military tribute (for the Memorial Day weekend) and a free copy of To Tempt the Wolf (because Hunter was an ex Navy SEAL), and another guest author blog in August for a free copy of Seduced by the Wolf.

And I'm excited that I'll be meeting lots of our authors and our editor, Deb, and publicist, Danielle, my critique partners and friends, and fans at the conference in Orlando!

So of course my question is: are there any wolves there? Well, let's see--there's Peter and the Wolf, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, and Never Cry Wolf (which has a mouse-eating man observing wolves in the Arctic.) So even Disney showcased a few wolves. :)

But no good werewolves. Which means I've got to do it! :)

In the meantime, I'm back to causing trouble for Jake and the woman of his dreams, Alicia Greison, because that's what storytelling is all about. Causing trouble. :)

I'm excited too, because Heart of the Wolf, Destiny of the Wolf, and To Tempt the Wolf are in their 2nd printings already!

But the bad news is, To Tempt the Wolf and Destiny of the Wolf are temporarily out of stock. So, if you're in Canada or the US and want an opportunity to win a book, here's your chance. I'll be giving away one of each to two lucky winners! :)

Just comment on:
So what about you? Ever dream of a real hero type that has you wanting more???

And/or tell me who you'd like to see have a story of their own! :)

Have a howling hump day!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. Terry~

    Congrats on writing The End. Those are my favorite words, well, except for "Once Upon A Time..."

    I have a hero named Hunter in my next book, and I've been dreaming about him and his siblings-- Trapper, Fisher, and Karma lately. They have been filling my mind for a while now.

    I can't wait to see everyone in Orlando, either. It's going to be a fun time.

  2. Hey Robin! Yes, thanks, I love writing The End!!! It's a struggle to get to that point and then, somehow, it's done! And then it's off to another new beginning! Oh, yeah, I love Once Upon a Times.

    Hmm, he's got to be a wolf then...Hunters usually are. LOL :) It'll be fun meeting you in Orlando along with everyone else! Really look forward to it!

  3. Yes, I dream, and keep telling myself that one day my dream will come true! Until then I live vicariously through books. Especially yours Terry, you are one of my top five faves...

    My dream lover looks a lot like Gerry Butler, sounds like him too, there is nothing sexier than a Scottish brogue, green eyes, and broad sholders. Oh yeah, can't forget the cute butt!

    Don't enter me in your give a way, I already have your books. Just waiting till the next one comes out to add to my collection! Thanks for all the good reads.

  4. Ah, thanks so much, Jessica!! Well, okay, here's a secret, Gerry Butler is a wolf. :) Really! :) And he's in Heart of the Highland Wolf. I'm sure of it! :) Just keep dreaming! Your dreams WILL come true!

  5. I love writing The End. But not when I haven't written the middle - which is where I am currently. Most of the book is finished, including The End, but the middle???? sigh. I know what has to happen and have ideas how, but getting it all to gel... I usually write linearly but this book just did not want to be written that way.

    But your "#7" is an inspiration since I'm on #5 and thinking about #6. Keep up the great work, Terry! And I can't wait for Orlando, too!

  6. LOL, Judi, I did that once! I usually don't. I usually can't think of the end until the end. :) But I did just what you're doing now. Thought of the perfect ending, then had to write the middle to fit. :) I'm excited about number 8 and hope to come up with a couple of more proposals soon. :)

  7. Congrats on finishing the book and all the great things that seem to be happening.

  8. Terry, I wolfed down your post and loved it! :-)

    Looking forward to seeing you and all the Casa gang in Orlando.


  9. Wow, Terry, sounds like you're going to be busy...and having lots of fun! Congrats on the second printing, that's wonderful!

  10. Yeah...Gerard Butler is definitely dream worthy...and has starred in a few of my dreams.

    Just starting on your series...and know that I have a fantastic ride in front of me...So Destiny of the Wolf would be a great prize!!!

  11. Hi Terry, great post interesting thoughts. Hope all your books are a huge success.

  12. Yay on the finish, Terry! Of course, that means you start all over again, but with new characters and new fun.

  13. Great to hear "Heart" is done, Terry - obviously I can't wait to read that one! I'm closing in on the end of my #3, so like Judi, I look to you for inspiration.
    As for heroes I can't get enough of, Devlyn comes to mind.... I've always been a beta hero girl, but I'm starting to change...I'm not growing fangs or fur, though. Yet:)

  14. Getting a book finished can be such a chore! I know cause I am in that boat right now! Congrats on getting #7 done Whew! What an accomplishment.

    I am SO happy you are coming to Orlando! I can't wait to finally meet you. We are going to have sooooo much fun!

    And Gerard Butler can be any animal he wants to be and I will still love him! *sigh

  15. Congrats on your books selling out it means that your books are great.can't wait to get them two when evr i have some money there on my list.I just love wolves.


  16. You've written so many books now Terry, you've covered all the people I wanted to see have their own books :-) Good luck with it all!

  17. Hi Terry,
    I started reading your books after your blog tour for Legend of the White Wolf...your stories are captivating and I can't wait to read more of the books upcoming in the series.

    I would love to win the two books you've got up for grabs since I'm missing them in my collection now. Thanks for the awesome contest.


  18. Terry,

    Congrats on getting it done. It was really, really fun to help out where I could.

    Talk to you more soon!


  19. LOL, Amelia! Too cute! Look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

    Hi Kara, love your wolf avatar! :) Glad you're enjoying the series so far! And I bet Gerard doesn't even mind if he's in a whole pack of ladies' dreams at night!!!

    Hi, Kathy, thanks so much!!!

    And Linda, thanks. Yeah it's always great fun to finish a book and so fun to get started on a new one and then about midway through think--will I ever finish it??? :)But I'm having a blast so far!

    Ah, thanks, Joanne! Yeah, I loved Devlyn, and you get to see more of him in Wolf Fever (#6), being his usual self, and again in Dreaming of the Wolf (#8). Alpha heroes do have some appeal. :) And I love betas too. :) But no furs and fangs yet? I'll have to move some to your neck of the woods!!! :)You wouldn't mind a pack in your area, would you??? They'd play nice. Really. :)

    I'm thrilled I can see you also, Sharon! Is your daughter coming? We're attending my son's wedding in Pensacola the weekend before, so she's coming with me to Orlando! :) Good luck on your current wip! When I get to the midway point (45,000), I figure it's a downhill slide from there. Then the books end up being 107,000. Every time. LOL! And I so agree about Gerard. Any kind of animal will do! :)

    Thanks so much, Stacey! I'm thrilled you're interested in the books! :)

    Thanks, Danielle! There are always a new crop of wolfish characters to enjoy! :)

    Thanks, Lynn! I appreciated all your help and wish you all the best on your own writing!!!

  20. I am so happy for you. You give me hope and I read your blog everyday, I do hope you have a great time at the conference


  21. Congratulations on "the end". That's a nice feelng. Good luck on the next one. I'm trying to write my third and tend to think of great scenes, but only when I'm not sitting at my copmuter. Going to need to work on that! Hope to meet you in Orlando!


  22. Hi Sharon! Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting! And good luck on your writing! This will be my first literary contest and book signing, so I'm REALLY excited! :)Thanks again!

    Thanks so much, Amanda! I've done that--thought of a terrific scene while driving!!! Or in the shower. Totally forgot it by the time I was finished. Almost like a dream and waking up, and not remembering it! Good luck on your 3rd book! :)

  23. Hello!
    I have just joined so that I can comment on this post. I'm gad that you have finished another book. I'm excited to read them.

    My husband is a Marine/Sailor, (served in the Marines and is now in the Navy) so he is my own personal hero.

    You have so many wonderful character that deserve a tale of their own. Tom from Destiny of the wolf would make a nice hero. Also, Meara, from To Tempt the Wolf, is still on the hunt for her alpha. Maybe a little more trouble could be stirred up when the alphas roll in to the cabins for vacation. Then, there's Owen from Legend of the White wolf. He would make a story interesting for sure.
    Good luck with your next endeavor. I will be onthe edge of my seat waiting for your next book. I can't wait for Leidolf's full story in Seduced by the Wolf! He's my favorite alpha. ; )

  24. Woohoo, thanks so much, Stephanie!!! I salute your husband and you too, for being a military wife, which is hard what with transfers and worrying about those heroes (or heroines!)

    Yes, Tom will be so upset once Jake has his wolf, and his oldest brother does too, and here he is without. Poor guy. Definitely, he needs someone in his life. And Meara, yes. But can she meet her match?? Ah yes, a mysterious wolf rents a cabin and...hmmm, a story is percolating. :) I forgot about poor Owen. And there's trouble brewing for the pack because Seattle already has a pack and they don't take kindly to a bunch of Arctic werewolves moving into the area. Soooo, hmmm...where to move them??? There's been some speculation about Minnesota, gentle nudges from a fan who lives up there!! :) Hope you love Seduced by the Wolf, Stephanie! And thanks for loving the series!

  25. Congrats on finishing your book! I too would love to see a story around Owen. Thanks for the great opportunity to win one of your books!

  26. Thanks, NC! I've proposed one for Meara, Hunter's sister, and Duncan from Highlander fame. So we'll see! :)

  27. Great giveaway, would love to read this series!

    Of course, all I do is dream, lol. Heroes are all brave and passionate, can't wait to meet one in real life too! ;-)

    Please enter me too.

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. i found my real hero type - i'm engaged to him, and i pinch myself every day...:)

    who i'd like to see have a story of their own? gosh, i don't know - too many wicked possibilities, y'know?

    congrats on the second printing!

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  29. Congrats on coming to "The End"

    Who doesn't dream of a real life hero :) some have already found them and some are still looking. I am still looking,until then I have my heroes in my books. But he's out there,I'll track him down :)
    Thanks for the chance to win a book.

  30. I so agree, Stella! Finding a dream hero is worth waiting for!

    Congrats, K Sunshine! Glad you've found your hero!

    Elaing8,he's out there!!! You'll find him! :)

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  32. Congratulations Terry on reaching The End.
    I think we all have a fantasy hero that we look for and when we find one that is pretty darn close we snatch him up. :)


  33. I was just wondering when you were going to announce your winner for this? I had posted earlier, but forgot to mention I would like to be included in the drawing as well. I'm excited about your upcoming books. I ordered some of you other books that are not included in this series as well. I just love the way you write! Keep up the good work!

  34. Thanks, Crystal! I agree.

    Today I'm doing the drawing, Steph! I just got home from work. :)

  35. Hi Terry,
    Congrats on finishing another one. You know that I LOVE your wolf books. I have been watching you website for when the next ones will be out and my calander is marked in big red letters. I hope you have great sales. ( I will be at Barnes & Noble the day it comes out for my copy)


    jellybelly82158 at gmail dot com

  36. Woohoo, thanks so much, Julie! I'm delighted you're enjoying the series!

    It's always fun finishing a book!!! And starting a new one! :) I'm really excited about another couple too!!! Thanks again!!!

  37. Kara and Stephanie, you are winners. Just let me know which books you want and the address to send them!

    Thanks to everyone for participating!

    Watch my regular blog for announcements for 2 more contests coming up on Jun 1. Thanks again for everyone's comments!

  38. Well, considering I am surround with less than exemplary men, a true hero sounds kind of unrealistic, something only to be found in books. But I have hope.

  39. Congratulations Kara & Stephanie!!!

  40. Yay!! I'm happy I won. Thank you for the opportunity to even enter. I have all of your wolf books, and I just received 'The Accidental Highland Hero' in the mail today, so any of your books would be great. If you send one that I have, I can gift my old one to a friend. I'm very particular with my books so they're all in perfect condition. lol Please let me know where to send my address to. I'm also a friend on your Facebook page. If you want, I can send you my address there. YAY!!!

  41. omg i absolutly loved to tempt the wolf and now i am reading destiny of the wolf!!! but i would love to hear about meara's story and if she ever got her mate and made it through her wolf's heat. =)

  42. Woohoo, thanks so much!!! I've just proposed The Wolf and the SEAL, which features Meara and one of Hunter's SEAL team members. :) So I'm hoping it sells, and if so, I'll be writing her story!! Thanks so much for loving the stories!