Monday, January 18, 2010

Falling in Love Again

Despite the cold, wintry conditions,
love is in the air. It's not meant just for Valentine's Day, but all year long. And where can you find it?

In books! :) Romance books! Whether you love to dive into the distant past, or take a walk on the wild side, or are happy to expand your horizons and find loving heroes in a wide spectrum of is in the air.

One of the fun things about writing, is working on a new story, new characters, learning about them as they deal with the stumbling blocks thrown in their paths. But always, the romance is evolving. I just finished writing Wolf Fever and sent it in, but then had to work on the edits for Seduced by the Wolf and just finished those and sent them in. Woohoo!

And I have to say I love editing a book that's nearly ready to be introduced to the reading world. It's satisfying because the book is essentially done. So I'm able to enjoy the hero and heroine's journey all over again, before I immerse myself in the next new story, Taming the Highland Wolf. Which, I'm already thinking about--dungeons, moats, not sure what my hero and heroine are going to get into! But it will be fun!

Yet right now, I'm gearing up for Legend of the White Wolf's debut. Which is the reason for my posting Arctic wolf pictures. For the first time, the story is about Arctic wolves, and about a hero and heroine who are human. Like the first three books, the story is essentially a stand alone title and so can be read out of order.

[9781402219054-300.jpg]Have you ever had anyone barge into your hotel room when they don't belong there? Because a clerk gave a customer your room key when you were already occupying the room? It's happened to me twice when I've been on trips. And once, I received a key to someone else's room. So what if you were the one who entered the room, and the occupant was a very hunky, very available man who seemed just as intrigued with you as you are with him? Maybe the key mix-up is fate??? Well, that's what happens to Faith when she first meets Cameron in Legend of the White Wolf.

I wasn't as lucky. Then again, Faith and Cameron had to go through a lot of trials to finally have a happily-ever-after. But who knows when the right key will fit the right lock, eh?

Whether you find your hero by accident, or by design, heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Here is a woman who's found her hero in the pages of a book...ah, for the love of a hero. And what woman wouldn't want a man like this, caring and loving, and ready to take on the world? But first, a heartfelt hug.
Love is in the air, and I hope everyone is getting plenty of it to chase the chills away. And if not or if you need some more--check out Cameron and Faith's story--it's cold where they are, but they make their own heat just fine and would love to share it with you.

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. That last photo is priceless, Terry!

    Good luck with everything for Legend of the White Wolf--I know it will go great!

  2. Isn't that great, Danielle! :) When I saw it, I loved it! :) Thanks so much! I'm really excited about Legend of the White Wolf's debut! :)

  3. Hi Terry,

    I agee with Danielle about that last pic. Wow! So interesting!
    And I can assure you if a stranger ever walked into my hotel room I would faint! Well, maybe if he was really good-looking man with shy grin, I'd at least speak to him first, and I guess I should let him get close enough to catch me before I hit the floor. :-)

  4. LOL, Amelia!!! I loved your comments. Now, that would be a true hero, if he caught you before you hit the floor, right??? :) *sigh*

    If worse comes to worse, he could still be there to coax you out of your faint, if he didn't catch you in time. Sounds like a win-win scenario!

  5. Very fun post, Terry!

    I've never been barged in on, but love the idea of walking in on a hunkie-dunkie by accident. Ha! Here's hoping he's just out of the shower. LOL

    Legend of the White Wolf is definitely on my TBB list! I can't wait. :)

  6. Hey, Sarah!! Did you get a sneak preview of the story??? :)

    Thanks so much for interviewing me on Lovestruck Novice on Jan 22! I look forward to dropping in and saying hi!

  7. Love the post, it's a great one. I've looked at my local library for your books, and alas they only have the first two, so I'm out next payday to see whats at B&N. On second though I might try Amazon, it's cold out there!!!

  8. Thanks, Jessica! Yeah, it's freezing out here. Perfect for a nice warm fire with a wolfish character!!! Both To Tempt the Wolf and Legend of the White Wolf will make you long for a hunky wolf type to keep you warm on cold snowy nights--and winter naps? Yep, they're great for recharging your battery too. :)

  9. Thanks, Linda!!! You sneaked a post in on must have used magic! :) Or a hex... :)

  10. Loved the print hero!

    As for a stranger walking into my hotel room--no that's never happened. But I did accidentally get into a cab with a diplomat once. He was very handsome and the soul of courtesy, but gave me to understand it was HIS cab, and I should depart. Which I did.

    I've always wanted to rewrite that story and give it a more satisfying ending.

  11. Oh, that is hilarious, Mary Margret!!! You HAVE to write that into a story! :)

  12. Those wolves are just gorgeous, Terry. Woo hoo for the next release!

    And, yep, loving that last picture.

  13. Good post!

    I'm looking forward to Legend of The White Wolf.

  14. Thanks, Judi! Yeah, that last one is a keeper!!!

    Thanks, Estella! I hope you love Legend of the White Wolf!!! It seems perfect for this time of year!

  15. GREAT post, Terry!
    And the print hero coming out of the book page is so clever and cute!

    I was once given the key to an occupied hotel room. Unfortunately it was occupied by a middle-aged married couple who were asleep when I tried to open the door. Boy was the desk clerk red-faced when I went back and told him!


  16. Thanks, AC!!! Hmm, well, when I complained about people being given my key, or giving me a key to someone else's room, the clerks acted like it was no big deal. Not good! :)

  17. Congrats on all your hard work coming to fruition, Terry! Looking forward to reading them.

  18. I love all the pics, Terry. I'll never forget seeing my first wolf in the wild. My DG and I were driving down an old logging road in Idaho along the middle fork of the Boise River and this big gray wolf walked out of the woods and looked at us as if to ask what the heck were we doing there. I said, "Stephen, it's a wolf!" and he said how do you know?" I told him it looked just like the wolves in the Disney movies, of course! Duh!"

    Good luck with the new books! I can't wait to read them.

  19. Thanks so much, Kathryn! The work truly is well worth it!!! :) I love showing them off at work as well! :)

    Thanks, Robin!! That is too funny--the Disney comment. I love it! :) That is so neat that you were able to see one in the wild! :) Living out in Amarillo, I saw coyote, a mountain lion once in Oklahoma, and a red fox in Waco (looking for food in a dumpster.) Saw a bear in a tree at Fort Chaffee also in Arkansas! :) But no wolves. *sigh*