Friday, January 8, 2010

Arctic Wolves Have the Advantage!

We might not have the white stuff, but we definitely have the cold weather today while we try to stay warm during the deep freeze that hit the US.

Sixteen degrees and 35 mph winds is way too cold for those of us in Texas where our blood is thin and barely anyone owns any wool.

Now, if you were this Arctic wolf, he'd wonder what all the fuss was about! Note how the snow hasn't even melted on his face? With a double coat of fur, the snow doesn't reach his skin where the heat would melt it. He must have bitten at the snow, don't you think? to have it on his chinny-chin-chin, and nose, too?

He's really fascinated with something. Maybe a little white rabbit that burrowed into his hole. The wolf's ears are perked, listening to every sound he can hear.

I hear the wind howling, the air around me, despite the electric heater being on emergency heat, cold and drafty. Hopefully they've sanded the twin bridges over the lake that I have to cross to get to work. If I were a wolf, I'd just spread my paws because they have great traction on ice. And if they're running through deep snow, they also have the advantage of weighing less, broadening their feet, making a wolf tracker believe the wolf is much, much bigger than the true size of his prey. In this case, the wolf was tracking his prey--a moose. :)

Yep, if I were one of these Arctic wolves, I definitely wouldn't be worried about the cold! Note his narrowed eyes, his ears perked, his fur fluffed to the max? It makes him look bigger, more of a threat, and the narrowed eyes makes him appear wary.

I'm off to a blustery, bitter cold day, but I'll think of being a wolf, warm and toasty in its splendorous coat of fur!

And if you'd like to read more about them, check out Legend of the White Wolf where legend becomes reality, and Arctic wolves are not what they seem. :)

Sooo, how is your weather where you are today??? And wouldn't you like to have a wolf coat for a day? Or better yet, visit with one of those sexy werewolf hunks and let him warm you up instead???

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. Just stopped by and we have 10 degrees, O with wind chill. 3 inches of snow on the ground and more coming. The winds are going up from 5mph to 25msp gusts. I'm getting ready to walk a couple of blocks to the bus stop, here's to hoping that there are no human popcicles out there this day. Stay warm everybody...;)

  2. Well I made it to work, and yes I know what a popcicle feels like. I did ok till the gust hit, then all bets were off. At least the bus was on time. Thank God for small favors!!! Try to stay warm, I am.

  3. Yikes, Jessica! It's 15 degrees here this morning, 15-25 mph winds. And my car died last night at work. Sooo, just 3 of us ladies at work, one has cables, but we couldn't figure out her battery connections.

    Along comes a hero. :) He can't find her battery connections either, just a bunch of fuses. So he brings his truck over, and voila! Gets my battery started. But I'm up at o-dark thirty, getting ready to chance that my car will start after cleaning the connections with soda and water, greasing them with WD-40, and charging it since 3 this morning...I have to find a place I can get a new battery before work. I'm it. No one else for an hour... *sigh* And I have to count the money first thing!

    Hope everyone stays warm! :)

  4. Glad you made it to work! Now pray I will!!!

  5. Loved the picture of the white wolf with the narrowed eyes! So intelligent as well as beautiful.

    Sorry about the battery.Nothing feels good when the car doesn't run.

    It's cold here too, but not as cold as other parts of the country. It rained last night. The doors on my car were frozen shut this morning.

  6. Hi Terry!

    It's gray and a very chilly 45*. I don't get snow here in the valley, but it was very frigid yesterday! There times when I wished I could have grown a fur coat. But I will take this weather over 100*+ heat!

    Cold weather means you can layer clothes. Summer time= only so much you can take off before you get arrested! lol

    Love the wolfie-pics!

  7. I sure could use some of that fur! It's VERY cold and snowy here, and it looks like there's no end in sight. Good thing my new coat showed up when it did. I may look like Nanook of the North in it, but at least I'm warm!

  8. Love the video and the wolf photos. Well the snow we got yesterday is here to stay. We're at 17 degrees and not suppose to get out of the upper 20s today. Hoping I can work from home today since it's my deadline day. When I go outside I have a pair of insulated coveralls I put on and I look like Ralphie from The Christmas Story. :)

    Hope you make it to work okay. Stay warm thinking about the hunky wolves.

  9. I loved the video and photos too, Terry! Great info about wolves as well. :}

  10. Love the trailer, Terry!

    It's cold here,24 degrees but it feels like 11. It's windy, and nasty. Last night I spent an hour and a half driving through the snow and it was not fun! The kids had a two hour late opening and I just heard that they're expecting snow in Florida. Ah, Global Warming is a real drag!

  11. It's 50 here and will end up 70. Although we still have a chill in the air, not like them.

    You gotta love the wolves!


  12. Hey Mary Margret, sorry about the car. No offence is was funny...just so glad it wasn't me. I have had that happen before, bummer trying to get into a car that's a mechanical version of an icecube!!!! Better luck next week....
    Terry-hope you can count that early in the morning...I know when I had a job that dealt with cash, bills sticking to gether, pennies that seemed to multiply every time you counted them...I am so glad I'm away from cash registers, they can be the stuff of nightmares! Drive carefully on the way home people! It's no fun blogging without you...

  13. Great trailer Terry!

    It's freezing in Chicagoland as well--the snow has stopped, but now it's in the single digits with the windchill...

  14. MM--That's awful about your doors being frozen shut. I remember boiling water and pouring it on the windshield and the windows.when I lived back east, I always had to carry a can of spray for my car locks because they'd freeze and I couldn't unlock them! The white wolf looks like a champion pedigreed wolf!

    Sarah! I so agree. It's nice to be able to wear some different things for a change. And I keep thinking it kills the bugs off a little. :) I try not to think of them hibernating instead!

    Thanks, Mason! You poor thing. I love the image of Ralphie. Too funny! I hope you make it just fine to finish your deadline!

    So here's what happened--car started up after charging it for 3 hours this morning at 3 am. I drive to town, get a new battery, get groceries, and go to work. Can't get in the door. The lock is frozen. Can't get anyone at the main library--don't answer the phone for another hour. Thankfully was able to get the manager from one of the other branches. We finally get one of the keys to work. Call facilities to have them fix the lock. In the meantime, we have to lock the door to keep out patrons until we open at 10. And...we get locked in. None of the keys work at all. LOL Facilities guys can't get in through front door. Finally fix that and an hour later, with have water all over the of the bathroom floors, leaking pipe...and then the heat's not working in the building. 61 degrees. With 4 1/2 hours left to work, I'm way past ready to call it a day!!! And I'm REALLY trying to think of hunky wolves instead!

    Cheryl, glad you got your new coat just in time. Doesn't matter what we look like as long as we're comfortable.

    Thanks, Kathryne! It's really a lot of fun making the videos. Which reminds me I need to work on Seduced by the Wolf next!

    Ack, Robin, I know what you mean about driving in the snow and it not being fun. And thanks on the trailer. We've got more of the bitter cold tonight and tomorrow.
    But it's supposed to warm up a little by Sunday, fingers crossed! Yeah, this global warming is making everything topsy turvy. We had snow and ice in April when we NEVER have anything of the sort that late in the year. And it was almost a 100 degrees in Feb when that's our coldest month. Hope you warm up too!

    Linda, that's perfect weather! Yeah, those wolves are loveable!

    Jessica, I'm in charge today, so everything that could go wrong did!!! But at least I'm off tomorrow!!! And back to writing Wolf Fever!

    Hope everyone stays warm and safe!

  15. Terry you poor baby, you were not kidding about everything going wrong. But that's OK, it's over and you can induldge yourself now that you are home. Hot Chocolate and hotter wolfes. Enjoy your day off.
    And here I thought I had a bad day, my bad was being the only one in the office for awhile,school delays least I was on the inside, no water leaks, and the heat was on. Keep telling your self, it will only get better...;)

  16. It's much better, Jessica! I'm home, with the heat on, and ready to relax and play! :)

  17. Thanks, Danielle! You slipped in there and I didn't see your comment. I imagine you're a LOT colder than us. :) Hope you manage the deep chill until the next thaw!

  18. Late to the party, but wanted to say what a GREAT TRAILER, Terry!

    Last I looked it was 48 degrees here and raining. YAY! At least the rain will clear out the fog... til morning!


  19. Thanks, Cindy! I just got home from work, so am just catching up on posts too! :) Hmm, 48 sounds lots more agreeable!!! :) Have a super evening!

  20. I love those pictures - make me feel cold - make me want to curl up and get warm with one of those gorgeous...

    ah well. Looking forward to the book.

  21. LOL, Sheila! And you're living with some of them in your area right now! It won't be long before you can enjoy some Arctic wolf! :)

  22. 58 degrees and raining on the Southern Oregon coast today.
    The wolf photos are great.

  23. Oh, Estella, I'm coming to stay with you! Just gather the pack first and we'll have a great time! :)

  24. I am not a fan of snow, but, MAN! Those wolves! And that Hot guy in the video!! OK, I might think of movie to Alaska for that. LOL!

    Excellent, Terry! Love the video and can't wait for the next book! Yeah!!

  25. Thanks, Sharon! Yeah, I'm with you on the snow...but I could deal with it if I was cooped up in a cabin with a hunky guy like that to keep me warm!:)

  26. Boy, You sure know how to set the scenes. Snow, White Wolves, Dog Sleds. You write real Wolf stories. Well, Wolf Goddess. This is what real winter weather feels like. And somehow something is really turned around. Who tipped the apple cart? You wrote about Legend of the White Wolf in the hot Texas Sun. You're writing Wolf Fever in Cold Winter. Mother Nature has a Strange sense of Humor. LOL!!!

  27. Actually, I did begin writing Legend of the White Wolf in winter, and edited it in winter again. Although I was still writing it in summer too, and had the AC on high, Donna. LOL

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