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Dancing with Werewolves

It seemed appropriate to have a gray wolf working on his first pumpkin for Thanksgiving. It's actually Halloween here in the picture, but I'm afraid wolves and turkeys wouldn't work out as well. :) So this will have to do as a Thanksgiving wolfish scene. :)

Hmm, the other day, one of my daughter's girlfriends showed off her t-shirt: Running with Werewolves. I need one of those! But how about: Dancing with Werewolves. :) Like the play on Dancing with Wolves? And my werewolves love to human form, so I think it works. :)

One of the fun things of being an author is that we get all kinds of neat notes--an editor of a newspaper from Georgia asked for a copy of To Tempt the Wolf to review and I'm delighted. I've been asked by an RWA chapter to provide an article for a newsletter, and another who asked me if I'd do a blog for the chapter.

A nearby book store asked if I'd do a book signing for my fans there next weekend. And a Berkley author asked if I'd help her out.

Half of being an author and writing the books is helping other writers too. Giving back what worked for us. Sharing how we create our worlds, our characters, our genres. How we promote and market our works. How we juggle the writing, editing, promoting, every day jobs and families.

When I first started out, I worked in a vacuum. I didn't have critique partners or mentors. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. But I had a big stack of books on writing, and I was an avid reader. We have to have more. The networking, the sharing, the fellowship.

We have to reach out to our fans also. Without our fans, we don't have a prayer. I love to hear what my fans love about my books. That's what helps me to come up with another book, and then another. That's what helps me to keep on track. And that's what gives me the incentive to keep on writing.

Right now, I'm finishing reading the final copy of Legend of the White Wolf, working on Plight of the Wolf, and have two more contracted works:

Dreaming of the Wolf, Taming the Highland Wolf

And already, I'm thinking about their stories and where I want to go with them. Right! Four stories all vying for a place in my head.

But then I do that with stories I'm just reading for enjoyment also. Do you too? Or can you only think of one story at a time?

And just received news of this:

Reviewer's Bookwatch: October 2009

Midwest Book Review picked up Reviewer's Choice for:

To Tempt the Wolf

Amy J Ramsey, Reviewer

Rating 4.5

"To Tempt the Wolf is an extremely enjoyable and fascinating read. I am impressed with the way Spears has added her own unique twist, mixing it into the realm of shape shifters. She has successfully achieved creating a story that the reader will become absorbed in. The characters are wrote exuding life-like characteristics, the background is full of vivid description, making it easy for the reader to visualize and the plot was perfectly blended, keeping the reader guessing till the end. I am left satisfied and anticipate Terry Spears next book. This book is recommended to any readers who have a taste for the Paranormal, Supernatural, Shape Shifter and Romance genres."
~~Amy J Ramsey, Reviewer

Have a super Saturday. Unfortunately, I have to work!


"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male


  1. Great stuff, Terry! And you definitely need a Dancing with Werewolves T-shirt!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl! I saw where someone had a Dances with Woofs today at the library....but just plain old doggies.

  3. That would make a great tshirt and sweatshirt Terry.

    Thought of you today when I watched Hybrid on Sci Fi Channel and when I was out and saw people walking a wolf mix. She was beautiful.

    Great on the newspaper editor! I wonder if she was the same one who contacted me.


  4. It would be fun to Dance with a Werewolf. But, I'm sure he'd have to lead, being the Alpha and all. I'm sure the Tango would be his Dance of Choice. Even though I've been warned. Never Tango with a Wolf. LOL!!!
    You make your books so fun and real. Your wolves are not horrible creatures to fear. They're nice guys with overbites and they just want to be loved.
    Yes, you must get that T-shirt.
    I think it should say: I'd like to Tango with a Wolf.

  5. Thanks, Linda. Yeah, I've got to get into the real swing of this! :)

    I've never seen that movie. Sounds interesting! :)

    Probably on the newspaper editor! :)Thanks again.

    Oh, yes, leading alpha, Donna. And I loved Never Tango with a Wolf. LOL Thanks so much! Nice guys with overbites--that's a cute thought it!!

  6. "Dancing with Werewolves" gets my vote! Excellent.

    Yes, it is wonderful to help others and share what we have learned. At times I still feel very stupid about it all, but in truth I have learned a great deal.

    And the feedback - SO important! We would be lost without it.

    Get that T-shirt and take pictures!

  7. I so agree, Sharon! Hmmm, now to find someone who will make up the t-shirt! Have a great Sunday!


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