Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Woohoo!! To Tempt the Wolf is Now OUT!!!

Seems appropriate that the wolves would help to spread the word, don't you think?

FIRST, I wanted to announce the winner for the weekend blog! I forgot to do so yesterday. It's been a really hectic last couple of days! Becky is the winner! Thanks to everyone who entered! There are tons more contests coming up!

To Tempt the Wolf is officially out TODAY!!! No more, it's coming soon. It's almost here. IT'S here! :)Thanks to everyone who has so anxiously awaited the third book in the series! :)

I keep feeling like I've got more of the series out already because of all the gorgeous covers and when I was thinking this is only the third one??? That's why! LOL

A site in Canada wants to post a book cover blog about Legend of the White Wolf even...They are beautiful and I want to thank the cover art staff at Sourcebooks for making it happen!

Woohoo! That was quick! The already posted a terrific blog about Legend of the White Wolf here! I loved what he had to say. Thanks so much!!! And please, everyone stop by and comment on the cover! :) Thanks!!

I'll be interviewed there on Sep 16 for another free give-away, so be sure to drop by then!!!

Fans have asked, "Do you have any say in the cover design?"

Yes!!! I ask for a hunky man with a naked chest, the scenery that showcases the story, and the right kind of wolf--gray for the first three books of the series, an Arctic wolf for the 4th, and a red for the 5th book. I'll be back to a gray wolf for the 6th book. :) I send photos of the area that I'm writing about--Colorado backdrop in books one and two, and the Oregon coast in Book 3, the snowy woods in Maine for Book 4, and lush spring green Oregon forests in Book 5. And then the cover artists wield their magic wands and the covers are works of art. I love showing them off!

There's been some discussion on another loop that some like the scary monster type of werewolves. Hmm, for a horror scary story, they can be fine. But to me, a real wolf can be even more scary when it's riled up like this one is. :) No need to make them monster like. :)

And part of me knows that those "animated" scary horror wolves are just fake, whereas the idea of running into an aggravated wolf in the wilderness like this one sure makes the blood run cold!

And what's great about a real wolf is they have that nicer, loving side to them also. Whereas I can't see that if they're werewolf monster-like creatures.

This is Dad with junior. :) The adults adore the pups in a pack. So yep, I'll stick to real wolves when my werewolves shapeshift to that form.

So how to celebrate the third book in the series? First, chocolate is a no-no for dogs, so I imagine for wolves too. They love meat, though, so...steaks all around for everyone. And fresh spring water to wash it down. :) And wolves love to have fun, so definitely playing tag is a good game for all the partygoers. Just remember to run REALLY fast, in case the wolves get a little carried away. I mean, yes, they're werewolves and all, but you know how it is when guys are into playing games! They really get into the business of wanting to win. And they might forget they're werewolves and not plain old wolves.

And prizes? Absolutely! I'm here talking about researching various aspects of the wolf world for a chance at a free book.

For the rest of this week, I'll be here:

September 2—The Review from Here/Scribe Vibe
September 3—Yankee Romance Reviewers
September 4—Horror and Fantasy Book Review

So have fun, and play never know what you might win to take home with you after the games are all done. :) Okay, I'm excited about beginning the 6th book in the series...and was consulting with one of my fellow librarians today at work about possibilities...and now??? I'm ready!

What is the part of the story you like the best when you are reading? The opening that sets the stage? The middle where you've learned quite a bit about the characters already? The drawing to a close?

Heart of the Wolf (Book 1)

Destiny of the Wolf (Book 2)

To Tempt the Wolf (Book 3)

Legend of the White Wolf (Book 4)
Feb 1, 2010

Seduced by the Wolf (Book 5)
Aug 1, 2010
Have a great hump day!!! And thanks so much for dropping by and sharing my excitement at To Tempt theWolf's Release!!!
Terry Spear
"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. Terry, I'm so excited for you! I agree completely that a real wolf kind of werewolf is much better than the cartoon-type upright werewolves. I wrote the same kind in my 'Awaiting' series, but set two hundred years ago in Germany!!

    Congrats and happy days!!


  2. Thanks so much, Donna! I'm howling right along with you!!! :)

  3. I'm so happy for this whole series. I agree, a real wolf is my kind of Wolf. Just to hear the Howl at night in the woods is so toe tingling. So we don't need the made-up cloned wolves. We have all these real hunky wolfie bad boys. "Don't show your teeth." I mean that in a very very good way.
    Woohoo!!! I'm glad everyone can read "To Tempt the Wolf" now.

  4. I so agree, Donna and thanks!!! Have you ever heard more than one howling at the same time? Or is it a lone wolf? I've listened to recordings of groups howling and it's so neat to hear the differences, from the yearlings to the adults. :)

  5. Happy Launch Day, Terry! May your books all sell MILLIONS!

  6. Congratulations, Terry!

    I'm thankful none of the wolves on your covers look scary. How could they with those fabulous men standing behind them?

    Now how about passing me some steak to go with my eggs. I'm ready to party!


  7. Mmm...steak! After all the brownies I ate yesterday, a little protein is a good thing! Congrats on your release, Terry!! Have a great day, Beth C

  8. Happy Launch Day--congrats on book 3!

  9. Terry, your excitement is jumping off the screen. Congratulations!! I'm just passed the halfway point in Heart of the Wolf, if the kids didn't demand so much of my attention, I'd be finished by now.

    I'm not sure which part of the book is my favorite. Sometimes the beginnings are too slow. The endings, after having read the middle can leave me wanting more or they can leave me so-so. I guess for me it just depends on the book and how well it keeps my attention.

    Again congrats. Steak sounds wonderful as long as it's on the med-rare side.:)

    Oh, I know we have coyotes and foxes in Kansas, but are wolves native to Kansas? I have not a clue about these beautiful creatures. A few years ago I was driving home and saw a pack (7 or 8) of large Shepard like dogs running through a field. Since they were an unusual sight and close to home I called Wildlife Parks. The officer informed me that coyotes don't typically run in packs and we don't have wolves. After speaking with him this incident left me baffled but I never saw them again. And ever since I now carry a camera with me at all times, you know just in case.

  10. Congratulations! Happy Launch day! It was lovely to see all the covers together on this page - all those wolves.

    And your wolves feel much more real that the cartoon scary ones - yours put caring into the picture too.

  11. Thanks, Cheryl, I wish!!!!

    Thanks so much, Amelia, and I agree! Now, need anything on your steak or do you take it straight?

    Thanks, Danielle, for all the help you've been with the blog tour!

    Woohoo, great on the book, Rene!

    I agree. With me, when I'm reading a book, I can barely put it down, so when I come to the end, I keep thinking about the characters. And then I want to read more of the author's works!

    Absolutely on the med rare steak. :) I think we're all wolves at heart. LOL

    Yes, wolves were native everywhere. We even had woolly mammoths and 3-toed camels in Texas earlier than that. :) But in so many places, people were paid to kill them, so they decimated their numbers. They could have been a pack of wild dogs. I've seen foxes and coyotes out here. But it would be interesting to see if you find any wolves out there.

    Thanks so much, Sheila! I love the paternal and maternal instincts that wolves have for the pack's offspring. :) They look almost human.

  12. Ack, Beth, I missed your comment! Thanks so much, lady! Yes, you get quick energy from the brownies, but we need the red meat for sustainable long-time partying!!! :) Thanks!!!

  13. SUPER CONGRATS, Terry!!

    I'm with Renee, pass me a med. rare hunk of prime rib! SLURP!

    Isn't the Sourcebooks Art Dept. ABSOLUTELY GRAND?!?! Your covers are GORGEOUS! But I think mine are too, and Sharon's, Cheryl's, Judi's, Robin's, Donna's, Amelia's... Forget 3 cheers, How bout 33 CHEERS for the Art Dept?!?!


  14. Oh, I do have to agree with Loucinda, Sourcebooks has some of the best artwork, period.

  15. Yay Terry!

    And champagne for the humans.


  16. Big shout out to the Sourcebooks cover design team - they are AWESOME!

  17. Terry, I am so SO sorry to be getting here so late to help celebrate your big day! For some reason today I have been swamped and away from the computer more often than not. Please forgive!

    Maybe it will help if I tell you that I GOT YOUR BOOK TODAY!!! Or more precisely my husband bought it when Emily and I sent him searching Borders while he was in Fresno. "Its not THAT out of your way dad, really it isn't!" (it was) LOL

    But now we have it and it is gorgeous! So very happy for you and proud to say I know you. Keep up the great wolf stories, and don't ever change them! I love wolves and for me the best part of your stories are that they are real wolves and not monsters.


    Sharon and Emily Lathan, fav fans :)

  18. Oh, I so agree, Cindy and Judi! I love everyone's artwork!!! They do a beautiful job!

    Hmm, sounds good, champagne? :)

    Woohoo, thanks so much, Sharon and Emily!!!! I'm thrilled you got it. You'll have to let me know what you think once you have a chance to read it. :) Who gets the book first??? :) My bet is on Emily! :)Thanks again to both of you!!!

  19. Sorry I'm late to the launch party, Terry. I've been out of touch for a few days.

    Congratulations! I'm so thrilled for you! May you have many, many sales!

    Robin :)

  20. Quite all right, Robin! We saved you steak and champagne! Thanks!!