Saturday, May 2, 2009

Too Hot to Handle Launch Party!

By Robin Kaye

The Romantic Times Convention was the perfect time to launch Too Hot To Handle! Since not everyone was able to attend RT, I’m hosting a virtual launch party. Join the fun and have a cyber-toast with me.

Everyone who comments today and tomorrow will be entered into a drawing for two signed copies of Too Hot To Handle. Two winners will be picked from those who comment. The contest ends at 11:59 PM EST May 2, 2009.

Dr. Mike Flynn sure would LOVE to have a woman to take care of…To Dr. Mike, there’s nothing like vacuuming or doing a few dishes to help a guy relax.

Annabelle Ronaldi would never cook if she could order takeout. When they meet at her sister’s wedding, Mike is sure this is the woman he wants to take care of forever. While Mike sets to work wooing Annabelle, she becomes determined to sniff out the truth of the convoluted family secret that’s going to turn both their lives upside down…

Too Hot to Handle
is the second of my Domestic Gods series. I thought the thrill of holding one of my books would wear off after Romeo, Romeo. I was sooo wrong! It gets even better, because now I get to hold two books! I love the way the art department made them matching but different. Best of all, last week when I was signing both books at the RT Convention, I discovered very few people can buy just one!

Signings are always such fun for me. It’s the only time I get to interact with the readers, and I really love hearing how much people had enjoyed Romeo, Romeo and how they’ve been looking forward to the release of Too Hot to Handle.

The reviews for Too Hot to Handle have been amazing. Here’s a small sampling:

Armchair Interviews
Heather Durow
"Robin Kaye is a master at romance, and her second novel is even better than the first. The story drips with emotion and her characters are so real and likeable that you keep turning each page to see what happens next."

All About Romance

Sandy Coleman
"For those who enjoyed Romeo, Romeo, there’s a good chance you’ll like this one even more. If you haven’t yet tried Robin Kaye and are looking for a fresh and fun voice in romantic comedy, I hope you’ll give this one a try."

Martina Bexte
"Robin Kaye strikes gold in this follow up to her Domestic Gods series.
Too Hot to Handle is destined to become one of the summer's big hits."

Romance Junkies

Natasha Smith
"I didn’t miss a single breathtaking word of this fine novel. Readers will be hooked on TOO HOT TO HANDLE. I know I was!"

The Burton Review

"This was my introduction to a Domestic God: he happily cooks, cleans, does your laundry and looks gorgeous doing it. (SOLD!)
If you like Janet Evanovich as I do, you will enjoy Robin Kaye."

Long and Short Reviews

"Too Hot To Handle is a sensational story that sizzles with sex appeal."

Peeking Between the Pages
"I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to get away from life for a while and be hugely entertained."

The Romance Studio
Lisa Freeman
"Too Hot to Handle is a delightful read that I highly recommend.
Robin Kaye is a new author for me and I'm already looking forward to reading more by her. "

Literary Escapism

"Overall, another great novel to add to the romance genre and one any romance fan would thoroughly enjoy."

Okay, now to get the party started. I have cyber-bubbly by the case. I hope there's enough for everyone. Let the commenting begin!


  1. congrat on teh book and rt party sound so much fun

    the book looks hot

    please count me in

  2. Robin,

    Congrats on the book. The first one's hilarious. I'm sure the second one will be the same.

  3. Congrats on the great reviews... how exciting!!

  4. Congrats on book 2 Robin. Lifting a glass of bubbly with you today!!

  5. Super on the book, Robin, and the great reviews!!! It's kind of early for straight champagne and I have to work in a little while, so I'll drink a glass of straight OJ to you and all your success!!!

  6. Sounds like you've modeled your hero on my man who cooks, cleans, laundries... and he's on the hot side. I can't wait to read about your version although I'm not sure I want my man to read about your man. My easy life might be over forever. That I won't drink to.

    But I'll lift a glass to wish you success!

  7. Congrats, totally deserve all the accolades!

  8. Yeah, congrats! :) It's only my not so little list to get sometime in the future. . . hmm, any chocolate to go with the bubbly? ;) And please add my name to the party hat! :)


  9. heh - not gonna be enough cyber-bubbly now that I'm here. LOL

    Huge congrats, Robin! Can't wait to read it!

    And I can vouch for how excited she was to hold this book in her hands b/c I roomed with her at RT - she was smiling as she was reading it and isn't that a great feeling to get lost in your own book, even though you know what's going to happen?

    enjoy, Robin!

  10. One great thing about internet gatherings: it's never too early for cyber-champagne.

    [lifting my glass]Here's to you Robin!

    Looks like you have another winner on your hands. I loved Romeo, Romeo and this one sounds just as delightful.

  11. I absolutely LOVED Romeo, Romeo, and can't wait to read Too Hot to Handle. Great title, btw. Congrats!

  12. Thanks for coming to the party! I'm having a great time. There's my favorite See's Chocolate, champagne and mimosas. Best of all, they have no calories!

    Enjoy all! I'll announce the winners tomorrow!

    Robin :)

  13. Congratulations on the new book! Honestly can't wait to read this sequel! Romeo, Romeo was fantastic but the Doctor inthis one? hubba hubba!

  14. Sounds like alot of great reviews, congrats on the launch!

  15. This sounds like an interesting book and a wonderful cover. It just stokes the imagination. Please count me in the contest!


    THTH sounds like another GREAT book and the reviewers are loving it!

    MM is right, it's never too early for cyber-champagne! And See's candy can't be beat! My favorite is their Scotch Mallow.

  17. Great reviews, Robin, pat yourself on the back and smile! I'm lifting my champagne glass and toasting you to many more books to hold in your hands.


  18. Congrats on the cyber launch party, Robin! Quite a nice turnout, and those hot, bare-chested waiters serving champagne are an excellent touch! Mind if I take one home with me? (Oops, I thought that was a party favor.) Ooh, I see chocolate-covered strawberries over there on the other side of the cyber-room. 'Scuse me, I'll be right back...


    WTG on the reviews for THTH! Big hugs and many sales to you!!

  19. Belated congratulations, Robin! Hooray for the terrific reviews!