Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And now a word from our Sponsor…

We interrupt this delightful foray into cruise chips and creativity to bring a little message from your devoted publicist…

First of all, Happy New Year! I, for one, love the New Year—a time to rejuvenate and make plans (not necessarily resolutions) for the year ahead. And we certainly have a big year ahead of us. The spring of 2009 marks the fourth season of Sourcebooks Casablanca, and I am excited to see this list of romance and women’s fiction get into stores. There are some new faces and some returning authors with a diverse and sexy line of books!!

2009 also marks what will probably be one of the toughest years in publishing history. Amid the reports of down sales, staffs being downsized and books being returned, it is important to remember that Sourcebooks, Inc., is one publisher that has not “gone under.” We’ve had some trials and tribulations, but I am relieved to say that Sourcebooks is on the other side of the publishing industry—the side that is doing well.

I think, watching all of the aspects of how we put together lists and helping implement, that there will come a time when publishing will be the industry that it once was—waiting for the next great American novel to be published, watching bestsellers that fly off the shelves, seeing authors on TV, in magazines, on the web just because they are authors! Sourcebooks is already doing some of this—our editorial department is making tough and smart decisions when it comes to what books we put out each season, our books not only sell relatively well when they launch but backlist well and from a publicity perspective, Sourcebooks Casablanca is saturating the romance web-o-sphere.

So, this New Year, my plans are just that—to plan plan plan and make sure every ARC I send out, every guest blog I set up, or every interview I ask you to fill out is something that will be beneficial not only to the sales of your books, but to your self-brand, and the brand of Sourcebooks Casablanca. Going above and beyond is my usual mode of operation, so this year, I’ve got to go above, beyond and around the corner… I think this spring season is strong enough to solidify Casablanca as the rising star in the romance publishing game.

So this New Year, I’m asking you, the authors of this strong body of work, to do really think about what it is you want out of publishing a novel. Think about how hard you’ve worked on finding your character, perfecting the dialogue, meeting deadlines and making it through all of the edits. Think about all of that hard work that’s going to be formatted down into a shiny, (hopefully) scantily clad cover, that will be on display for everyone to see. Think about how much of you is in those books, and share it with everyone. That’s how I look at what I do—I’m not selling a book, I’m sharing something that will make people happy (and in these times, we can all use a HEA, right?). I hope you will all do the same.

Happy New Year—here’s to a fabulous 2009!


  1. We are luck to have you, Danielle. Can't wait to see what is around that "corner" of yours!

  2. I can testify you went 'above and beyond' on the Web for SEALed With A Kiss, Danielle.

    I dreaded the whole publicity-thing, but now, knowing I have you backing me up, and dragging me along (to scramble my metaphores)I'm looking forward to it with SEALed With A Promise.

  3. In times like these, we all certainly need a creative and enthusiastic promoter! Thanks for the pep talk, Danielle!

  4. I love that you're just as excited about every new book as we are, Danielle!

    Definitely hoping it's a bright and shiny new year for all of us:-)

  5. Well, I am all up for 'saturating the romance web-o-sphere' and think my fellow authoresses will agree! Amen?! And while we are at it, let's saturate every bookstore on the planet. Yeah baby! The rising star in the romance publishing game - yep, that sounds good too Danielle. Bring it on and we shall be there to help make it happen, yes ladies?

    Thank you for an inspiring, go-team message Danielle. I am ready.

  6. I have read quite a few of the sourcebooks and have more of them on the TBR pile and have loved every one that I have read and am really looking forward to many more.
    Thanks everyone for some great adventures and many more

    Have Fun

  7. THANX for the thoughtful post, Danielle!

    Ditto on what the other Casa authors have said. I am very grateful to have you out there promoting our books! I'm ready to do everything I can to assist you.

    Helen, readers like you definitely make the ups and downs of writing worthwhile!


  8. Danielle, you are so full of pep and energy that I wish we could bottle some and sell it. Would make millions.

    I have to say that I have loved each and every book that I have read from these lovely Casa Ladies and hope to continue on doing so. I stand behind each and every one of you and will even go so far as to rearrange bookshelves in Barnes and Noble so these books have front row seat. Shush! Don't tattle on me. I know the store clerks there haven't figured out who's behind it yet. LOL!

    I wish each of you a bright shinning 2009 with not only sales and promo's but with new ideas that will keep you writing for many more moons to come.

  9. Thanks, Danielle~

    It's so nice to see someone looking forward to a bright future for all of us and helping us to get our books where they need to be. You're amazing and we're all so lucky to have you on our team.

    Terra and Helen, thanks for all your help and support too. You're the best.

    Robin :)

  10. Hey Everyone--

    I'm a little late in the commenting game (all kinds a crazy going on in my relatively balanced life), but I'm glad you're all as enthused as I am about the upcoming season. A lot of people have seen the economy as a BIG obstacle, and I think for us, and the rest of the romance writers, can look at is as BIG opportunity to bank on what we've got to work with!

  11. I'm late too...but just wanted to say, thanks, Danielle! You make promotions fun and doable!!! Thanks so much for all your help.

    And Helen and Terra, just like others have said, thanks so much, ladies. You're who we write for! And oftentimes we don't hear back from fans so it's really nice to hear from you to know how we're doing!

    Good luck to everyone in the new year!