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$2.99 SALE of Maverick!

With the release of Cat Star Legacy 2: Mystic coming soon, Sourcebooks is running a promotional sale of the first book in the series, Maverick, on all ebook platforms. For only $2.99, you can start this fun new series!

If the price isn't enough to capture your attention, here are a few fun facts about Maverick...

Fun Fact Number One:
When it comes to love, being irresistible to the women of many different species can make it difficult to find someone who loves you for yourself. Larry Tshevnoe is as sexy and desirable as any Zetithian man. With his catlike features and natural athleticism, he’s not only gorgeous, he can purr! And that’s not all. With sexual abilities that are second to none, ladies throughout the known galaxy have been clamoring for his attention since he was a promising young teen. He’s in his mid-twenties now, and he thinks he may have found someone he can love.

Fun Fact Number Two: 
If you aren’t sure whether your girlfriend loves you for yourself and not your money or your sexual prowess, it helps to be friends with an empath. Althea Banadänsk has been Larry’s pal for as long as they can remember, but the constant barrage of empathic readings from people—and planets—have forced her to seek refuge on Barada Seven, a peaceful world where the emotional vibes seldom rise above a low ebb.

Fun Fact Number Three: 
Sometimes, it takes a little time apart to realize that your childhood buddy has grown up to be the one man you can love. Althea’s Mordrial and Zetithian blood limit her chances of ever finding a compatible mate. For a female Zetithian, only a Zetithian male will do, and for the latest in a long line of Mordrial witches, finding The One man who can father her children is a tougher challenge than any faced by her predecessors. Little does she realize that the man of her dreams has been right there in front of her since the day she was born.   

You'll find links to most ebook platforms on the Cat Star Legacy page of my website.
Happy reading! 

Cheryl Brooks


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