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Exercise Your Right to Vote!

I have only four words for you today:

Get Out And VOTE!

I know what you're thinking. I'm only one person with one vote. My vote doesn't count for much, and what I want doesn't matter to anyone else.


Now, granted, in a presidential election, the popular vote is not the last word on who gets to be president. When your state or district goes for the candidate you didn't vote for, voting can seem sort of pointless.

But this is a midterm election. At no other time does your vote count more than in these state and local elections. Your voice has a much better chance of being heard right now, so don't waste the opportunity!

Don't know who or what to vote for in your area? Tired of TV ads that only tell the negatives about the candidates and nothing about their political platforms? Newspaper articles baffling you? I ran across this site:, which I found helpful.

But whichever party or candidate appeals to you, please don't let them down by staying home.

Don't Forget to Vote!


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