Thursday, October 4, 2018

Acts of Kindness

I’ve been thinking about kindness lately. Some days it seems in short supply in the world. So I googled “random acts of kindness” and made a list of some things that I will add to my repertoire to spread some kindness.

Send out encouragement. Maybe a heartening email to a friend or acquaintance. Maybe a positive comment on a website. Praise for a local business you patronize. Read an awesome book, article or blog post? Send a little love to the author.

Trash. I’ve wheeled my neighbor’s trash bins back from the curb when I did my own. Why not? I’m out there anyway. Picking up bits of refuse here and there and throwing them in a container is nice too.

Gratitude. It’s known to be good for you. What if you thanked someone at least once a week? Even wrote and sent thank you notes?

Giving. For example, animal shelters are always in need of supplies and can use your old towels and blankets. I have volunteered with the ASPCA and seen how their rescues enjoy a clean, cozy nest to cuddle into. Or you could leave a few quarters at the laundromat or on a parking meter. Buy an extra coffee when you get yours for someone who might need it.

Surprise. Leave a beautiful postcard or bookmark in a library book when you return it. A reader who likes the same kind of book you do will enjoy it.

You may know of or do other acts of kindness. I say there can never be too many.

Georgia O'Keefe's beautiful paintings are a kindness to the eye.

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