Thursday, March 8, 2018

An interview with info on my new release and beyond!

      I admit it. This is a slightly paraphrased interview from last summer with Ludvica. The info is still current, so why not use it?  Book 1 in the Phoenix Brothers series was just released Tuesday! 

1.      How did you come up with the idea for this series?
Oh, boy. I don’t know. I’ll just blame it on my muse, Thalia—the muse of comedy!
2.     Fans of your series comment on how “sweet/sexy and funny” the books are. How important is the comedy element in this series?

Comedy is extremely important to me. Writing is hard work, and in my humble opinion, entertaining myself is essential to enjoying the process. What is it they say? If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life?

Readers can tell when your heart is in it and when it’s not. If I’m making myself chuckle, the readers will get a smile out of it too. I get fan mail saying, ‘I love your books. They’re a great escape...or, they helped me through a hard time.’ That’s how i got hooked on romance and when I know I’ve paid it forward, What an honor and privilege! 

3.    Any other books planned?
If I can ever find the time! I’m under contract for 2 more novels—and I promised a Kindle Worlds story to a fellow paranormal romantic comedy author--Robyn Peterman Zahn! 
(Wonder B*tch, in her Magic and mayhem world comes out in June, 2018) And then there are two more series ideas burning a hole in my brain. One is a whole new genre for me, under a new pen name--Liz Lorow. (I don't want Young Adult readers to find my hot adult books! A new pen name is the equivalent of hiding the other books under the bed. LOL) Everything from the ground up has to be redone. So far, I have a name and logo. So many ideas, so little writing time.
      What are you working on now?

The Phoenix Brothers series. Some of the brothers are already included in the Boston Dragons series. Seven brothers. All phoenix shapeshifters. And all but one are firefighters. If the worst happens, they can rise from the ashes. Yup, the legend is real, folks!

And...I'm organizing the next Fall in Love with New England romance reader/author conference! It's not until 2019, but we're already gearing up for another great time!  

Bonus Question:  What would you do if you were not a romance writer?

I’d probably sell real estate, or stage houses. I was trained in Interior Design and my guilty pleasure is HGTV… Oh, by the way, romance novels are not my guilty pleasure. I don’t feel guilty at all for enjoying my life!

J Thanks for the interview! It was fun and I appreciate the chance to reach more readers.

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