Thursday, February 1, 2018

Book Launch: The Cowboy Who Came Calling!

Sometimes events in my life inspire a story. That was certainly true with Knight on the Texas Plains and my little playmate who’d been won in a poker game. And now again with THE COWBOY WHO CAME CALLING (Book #2 Texas Heroes series.)

When I wrote this story in 2002, I was locked in a battle to keep my eyesight. I’d been diagnosed with MS and the disease was determined to steal my vision no matter what doctors did. Each day found a drop in the things I could see. Then, I woke one morning unable to see anything but shapes and shadows. My neurologist put me in the hospital, gave me bags of steroids, and was able to bring much of it back. Although I still struggle with eyesight, I can do almost everything I want today.

In The Cowboy Who Came Calling, Glory Day is slowly going blind and this terrifies her. She’s the sole support of her younger sisters and her mother. If she doesn’t hunt, they don’t eat. To make matters worse, the bank is trying to take their farm.

On the trail of a wanted outlaw, Glory shoots former Texas Ranger Luke McClain then has to take him home with her to fix up. She desperately needs the reward money to pay the bank and try to get her father out of prison before she loses all her vision. Luke desperately needs the outlaw in order to clear his name and get his job with the Texas Rangers back. But Mad Dog Perkins slips away.

As Luke recuperates in the Day household, he sees all the things in bad need of repair and begins to make himself useful as soon as he’s able. Glory sees this as pity and it gets under her skin. She starts calling him Mr. Fixer. But her deep irritation comes from unwanted attraction to him. He won’t want a blind wife.

I wrote The Cowboy Who Came Calling in the vein of Little Women and Glory reminds me so much of Jo March. I think she will you too. She’s embodied with immense courage and strength. The book releases Feb. 6.

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Book #3 of this series – To Catch a Texas Star – releases July 2018.

My question:

Can you tell when a story is inspired by an event in a writer’s life? Maybe it rings truer or has more depth. Do you enjoy stories a little better when you know they come from an author’s life?

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