Friday, January 12, 2018

Living in the Moment

Usually on New Year's Eve, I'm reflective. What happened during the year? What can I change for next year? What are my thoughts, memories, goals?

This year, my daughter was home for the holiday for the first time in years. I had my (grown) children, my dogs, my husband, a full glass of champagne, and nothing but sheer joy in the moment. 

And I realized that my theme of 2018 is just that, living in the moment. Not on my phone. Not in my head. Not stuck on what I should have said, done, or need to do next. Just taking it all as it comes, being present to enjoy every minute as it unfolds. 

My daughter with her dog, Henry (a Havanese), and her boyfriend,  Joe. Not pictured, my son, Nick. 
Bandit and Pepper, my Pembroke Welsh Corgis (looking at my not-pictured husband, probably  holding treats).
 So far, so good. I hope your year is going well and brings you everything you wish for and more. I'm leaving the Casablanca Authors blog, but I will come back to check in with you all from time to time, and I welcome you to pop in and visit with me on my social media sites. 

Cheers and best wishes to all! 

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