Monday, January 15, 2018

I Can Be a Greedy Reader

I’m sure you know the moment – when you desperately wish one of your favorite writers could write faster. I just finished Persepolis Rising, the latest in James S. A. Corey’s Expanse series, and I want the next book now. Must know what happens! 
Sadly, I’m well aware that I won’t have the next installment for months and months. 
I know that better than most because ten pages of a new draft is a hefty day’s work for me. Very rarely have I written any more than that – a section that could be read in, what, twenty minutes? And that’s only the draft. There’s revising and polishing and… It just takes a LOT longer to write a book than to read one. No help for it.
It’s lucky there are so many wonderful storytellers out there to choose from. For the Expanse there’s even a TV series as well.
Which writers you particularly wish could write faster?

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  1. Most of my favorite authors are dead. But I understand about being a greedy reader. I frequently read a great book and find myself thinking, "Why couldn't this author just do me this one little favor and come back for the dead and write another book for me."