Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Why Fun is My Number One: My Take on Thor

I saw Thor: Ragnarok at the movies last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Marvel does such a terrific job with their pantheon of superheroes. DC is another comic franchise that has its heroes and villains, yet I don't like their movies as much. (Exception: Wonder Woman) And after the last debacle that was Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, a movie I wanted to walk out of--this never happens to me with superhero movies--I realized why I didn't like it.

The movie wasn't fun.

When you have life and death situations, end of the world-type happenings, huge waves of love and hate and anger and redemption, the severity of the situation is built into the plot. But in order to satisfy me as a viewer/reader/the audience, I need to to see some humor, some lightheartedness, some fun.

I'm that way in what I write as well. And I know that isn't for everyone. Some readers and moviegoers love angst, to cry and cry some more. They want a somber environment because life is serious.

Yeah. No. I can't live like that. Now don't get me wrong. I like angst too. In brief moments or lead-ups to a grand happy ending. I just can't handle books or movies that are depressing the whole way through and then have my favorite character die at the end. Not for me.

My books are fun, sexy, and have characters who grow. Sometimes they go through some real trauma, but you can count on smart aleck-y siblings or friends to lighten the mood. Life is filled with grief; bad things happening to good people; mistakes are made that can do harm. So I like to balance the negative with a promise of love overcoming the odds.

And back to Thor: Ragnarok, that positive message is what I loved about the movie. Thor's homeworld is threatened, his people on the verge of extinction, and then we have a fight brewing--all between laughter and adventure that never stops. This was an excellent movie for those wanting that feel-good sensation at the end (though losses do occur.) Yet the humor in the story, filled with rich characters and simple joy in the movie making, put this movie into the win column for me. Note, if you're wanting something uber-meaningful and dramatic and with lots of tears, see something else.

Thor: Ragnarok--A.
Marie Harte romance--A for Amusing.  LOL

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