Monday, November 6, 2017

Top-secret release-eve Q&A for PERFECT GRAVITY

Heya, Viv here. I have a book coming out tomorrow. This book:

Perfect Gravity is the second in my science fiction romance series that started with Wanted and Wired, and I know you have a ton of questions. Or, well, some folks asked some stuff, so I'll just pick a few of their questions and answer them right here.

Q: Are Mari and Heron still getting it on in this book?
A: Um, probably? Well, definitely they are because they got their happily-ever-after, right, but Perfect Gravity isn't chiefly about them. They appear as secondary characters in a story that features rogue Texan animal rescuer Kellen and gives-no-bleeps (we are a family friendly blog, yes?) continental senator Angela. Oh, and their cat, Yoink.

Q: Yeah, what's the deal with the cat?
A: Yoink isn't just a regular cat. She's been cloned and biomechanically altered. She can talk, complain, and judge you. She's judging you right now. She also commands Kellen's global army of altered cyborg critters. You can call her sir. And pet her belly.

Q: What about the other characters, specifically Chloe and the Queen?
A: Both appear in this book. Chloe gets to engage in some major mischief, and the queen, as usual, gets to save some folks and behave in generally creepy fashion. Also, remember the mech-clone that Mari thought she was killing in Wanted and Wired but who really worked as a personal secretary for Angela Neko? Mech-Daniel? He's here too.

Q: Tech?
A: Not as much as in Wanted and Wired, which makes sense when you think about it. Neither Kellen nor Angela are cybernetic on a grand scale like Heron. They are both planted firmly in the real world. But folks who do dig the tech might be interested in the psych-emitter, a metal-hat receiver that can fuse augmented reality with another person's emotions, so you can feel what they feel. In the story world, psych-emitters are super popular with politicians and pornographers.

Q: Did you make that up?
A: Most of the tech in this series is either available right now in some limited capacity or is in the research or development stages. If you've played Pokemon Go, you already know that augmented reality is a thing. And the ability to transfer emotions is the subject of current research. It makes sense that the two eventually will merge.

Q: Is this it for the universe? I mean, is Perfect Gravity the last in a duology?
A: Nope. The third book features Garrett, his unrequited love for Chloe, and the blissfully oblivious Chloe herself, who has to contend with consequences of all the mischief she gets up to in Perfect Gravity.

Any other questions, just jot them in the comments, and I swear I'll answer them. Or holler at me on Twitter or whatever. Always happy to chat. :)


p.s. -- Here's how you can buy Perfect Gravity, on sale tomorrow but pre-orderable right now:  

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