Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Release Day for Third Son’s a Charm

I’m thrilled to be blogging at Casablanca Authors on release day for Third Son’s a Charm. I thought instead of offering one long excerpt, I’d offer you five mini excerpts. I’ll post a line or two from five chapters, and you tell me which is your favorite.

Chapter One
Ewan Mostyn, third son of the Earl of Pembroke, prowled the main room of Langley’s gaming hell like a golden-maned lion stalked the savannah.

Chapter Two
“What are you…doing here?” she panted. The Viking stared at her as though she had escaped from an asylum. She supposed she probably did look rather wild and out of breath, but she was dressed and her hair had been coiffed…hadn’t it?

Chapter Three
He stared at her, their gazes locked in battle. Lorrie could hardly breathe. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, and all she could think was that the Viking was close enough to kiss. She could reach up, twine her arms around his neck, and press her lips to his. But her body was rigid with fear, and the Viking made no move to take advantage of his position.

Chapter Four
“I don’t pretend,” the Viking said.
“That’s an…admirable quality,” she said, though the statement flustered her. She did not know anyone who did not pretend. Everyone wore masks, and some people she knew wore more than one. She wasn’t certain if she should respect the Viking more for eschewing pretense or consider him a complete simpleton.

Chapter Five
He supposed his father would have liked to speak of the weather or the price of corn before coming to his true purpose, but Ewan had little patience for such niceties.
“I suppose there is no way to cushion this news,” the earl began, “so I will put it bluntly. We are ruined.”

And those are quotes from the first five chapters! Which is your favorite? If any of these has you intrigued, pick up a copy of Third Son’s a Charm.