Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New Release: The Right Kind of Reckless

I'm thrilled to be able to say that THE RIGHT KIND OF RECKLESS is now available for release. This book took a lot out of me over the past year and a half that I'd been writing/editing/re-writing/re-editing it, and though I bled so many tears, I'd like to say it's been pretty worth it. xoxo

Yesterday was a whirlwind for me as far as release days go. Mellow as far as book stuff goes, insane as far as personal life goes. It's hard to be a mom and an author, that's for darn sure. (We'll just leave it at that.)

BUT I did take the time to go to Barnes & Noble to snuggle both of my books together. This time around I didn't sob crocodile tears and embarrass my daughter. BUT I did get weepy and wipe my eyes. See my video below for that. (TEARS ARE HIDDEN, of course.)

Now what's next for me? Well, I'm not exactly sure at the moment. Recklessly Ever After (Gavin and his mystery woman) has a tentative release date of October 2018. I'm also working on my first co-authoring project that is super top secret, feature a certain Bag Boy in my life that that has become inspiration. (See my tweet here for the original story)  I've also got a motorcycle club series ready to be loved on, featuring runaway heroes and heroines that road trip. I hope finds it's way into the world sometime soon, because Niyol and Stella are dying to have their story told.

For now though, I'm just going to take it easy, love on life, write what I love, and ride the high that is a new release. I'm going to celebrate the upcoming holidays and be thankful that everyone is in good health this year (compared to last.) I'm also going to catch up on my TBR pile. It's beyond insane.

♥ Until next month. ♥

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