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Turns on a Dime

My dad likes to say, "You never know. Tomorrow, I might get hit by a pizza truck."
Sherri with her dad, no pizza truck in sight. 
I like to laugh at my dad, but he has a point. None of us know what tomorrow might bring. We make our plans. We think we're all set. But we're not really in control of anything. My plan for the week was, Napa vacation. Almost a year ago, I had the inn reserved. I had a list of wineries to tour. I had a driver lined up. Plane tickets, rental car. Dogs in the kennel. And then... wildfires.
Sherri's dogs, Bandit and Pepper, the Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
And suddenly, I didn't even care that all my planning came to nothing and I had to cancel a vacation. I worried about the people who live and work in the Northern California area. And the firefighters, those brave amazing people who go out to take control and save lives, risking their own. Wow. 
Napa, in good times.

And then after fretting over the danger and loss of life, I thought about the land, those beautiful vines that take decades to cultivate and grow, and all that wine and olive oil gone. But my thoughts keep coming back to the people and the animals. Trapped by fire is about the scariest thing I can think of, and many people still are. 

In 2015, I did get to go to Napa with my friends to celebrate a big birthday for one of them, and we had a fabulous time. I will be back! I pray for the safety and well-being of all our friends in the affected areas, and I hope you're all safe and well.
Napa, in our hearts and prayers. We'll be back!


  1. Sherry, great post. I'm praying for all those near the fires too.

    1. Thanks, Shana. It's heartbreaking and scary. Too many tragedies.


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