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Top Five Ways I Drive My Editor to Drink

Top Five Ways I Drive My Editor to Drink:

5. Describe the crime-scene stuff in my books with waaay too much detail, because I am a huge forensics nerd. What I find “fascinating,” normal people find “really gross.”

4. Write an entire chapter merely to set up a joke (it was a funny joke, though. Maybe “forward momentum” and “plot” should to take a back seat and let humor drive for a while).

3. Completely and utterly fail in my attempt to write short(er). Even after cutting two complete chapters from In Safe Hands (Book 4 of my Search and Rescue series), I added so much elsewhere that the manuscript was even longer than it’d been before edits. I just can’t stop adding words. It’s a sickness.

2. Lament my inability to correctly use the subjunctive mood for an entire (long) email, because, in addition to being a huge forensics nerd, I am also a huge grammar nerd.

1. Dump my insecurities on her head. “Do you like my book? Did the copyeditor like my book? Did your mom like my book? Will readers like my book? Do you think it’s good? Really? Honestly? Tell me again what you like about it.” Normally, I’m a pretty relaxed, easygoing person, but putting my books out into the world seems to push my “needy and insecure” button. Being published has been an amazing experience—and a very, very scary one. My editor has been forced to fill the role of hand-holder and therapist along with her many other duties. I’m sure I’ll calm down eventually. Maybe.

Until then, all I can do is keep my wonderful, long-suffering editor supplied with liquor.


  1. I don't feel so bad now about all the stuff I write in e mails ha ha


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