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The Christmas Stranger

Time is flying and it won’t be long before Santa will ride in on his sleigh. Temps are supposed to drop to 35 tonight here in the Texas Panhandle. Snow will fly soon and I can't wait. I'm praying for a white Christmas this year.

CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS released on October 3rd and I'm so excited to have this out!

I felt truly honored to have a story in a book with Leigh Greenwood, Rosanne Bittner,  Margaret Brownley, Anna Schmidt, and Amy Sandas. Simply an amazing list of bestselling authors. 

And I'm part of it! Doin' the happy dance here!

These six stories are guaranteed to warm your heart and may whisk you back home.

In my story – The Christmas Stranger – drifter, Hank Destry, who has no home or family is struggling to find his way through a blinding blizzard, wearing only a thin coat. He has to find shelter soon or he and his animals will perish. The drifts become too high to continue. Unable to hold on to the reins, he slides from the saddle into the snow.

Sidalee King is returning from visiting a lonely old woman named Miss Mamie and finds him. She loads him into her wagon and takes him home which is on the Lone Star Ranch. She works in the mercantile for the Legend family. Cholera took her family years before but she’s determined to give Miss Mamie a good Christmas. If only she can reunite the old dear with her son George. That would be perfect.

Could he be Miss Mamie's lost son? And what are the rocks Miss Mamie gives as payment for kindnesses? Mystery and love abound this Christmas season as two lonely people receive an unexpected gift.

This story is about finding that one place to belong and a family that isn't by blood, healing old wounds, and giving without expecting anything in return. 

Giving is what Christmas is all about and I think you’ll love the journey Hank and Sidalee take in finding the courage to open their hearts to a happily ever after. Hank’s dog Beau almost stole the story and I guarantee he’ll make you laugh. Such a scamp.

This is what I think Hank looks like. Does he pass?

Here’s a short Snippet:

Hank slowly tugged the long silk ribbon from around her neck, trailing the red fabric down one arm. He leaned closer. “There’s some mistletoe right over your head. I hope I’m not pressing my luck, but do you mind if I kiss you?”

A happy, warm glow swept over her. “I don’t see anyone trying to fight you,” she whispered.

He pulled her up into his arms and drew the ribbon around her, tethering her to him. Sidalee had never felt more alive, more breathless, more…hot.

She tilted her face to him, feeling the wild beat of his heart that matched hers. He gently anchored her against the hard wall of his chest. The moment his lips touched hers, an aching hunger swept through her, turning her knees to pudding.

The yearning for him was so strong she clutched him to keep from falling in a puddle at his feet. One arm curled around his neck just under his hair. The strands brushed her skin like tiny feathers.

That’s when she knew she was falling in love with Hank Destry.

* * * *


What says Christmas to you? The warmth of family? The exchange of gifts? The food? The lights?


  1. It's getting together with family. Not that all the extras aren't fun too lol. We have a tree trimming party every year which is always lots of fun. The great thing about anthologies is reading favorite authors and finding new ones too!

    1. Hi Catslady....Oh man, it's good to see you! It sounds like you have a great celebration planned. Anytime you can be with family and laugh makes it special. I hope this year's beats them all. Love and hugs!

  2. Hello Linda, oh my goodness you picked the perfect picture for Hank. Your story was amazing and the message delivered was the best. Christmas to me is family, wonderful smells of food, and remembering baby Jesus. You have an exciting day and congrats on such an amazing story.

    1. Hi Tonya......Thank you for coming! I'm so happy, happy that you loved my story and fell in love with Hank and Sidalee. I know it's a little strange talking about Christmas in October but I pray you have the most special Christmas ever with your family. Soak up all the love and make lasting memories with your granny.

      Much love and big hugs!

  3. I was blessed with an advance copy from Linda! I loved this book. I was a little apprehensive about reading a Christmas book so early but they are all just beautiful little stories that happen at Christmas time. The Christmas season really didn't stand out that much to me. You won't regret going ahead and reading these heartwarming stories even though it's not even Halloween yet!

    You can't go wrong with this book that has a lonely spinster, an outlaw turned lawman and rancher that ended up with an amazing wife, children and grandchildren that adore him, a broken drifter, a Texas Ranger, newlyweds that reunite a family, prejudice, hope, love, laughter, the Christmas spirit and adventure all in one book! A must read!

    1. Hi Stephanie......I was thrilled to give you an early copy because I just had to share these and you're so appreciative of them. We share this MS disease but we also share a great deal of love even though we've never met. May your Christmas be filled with warmth of family and remembering the reason for the celebration. Much love and gratefulness to have your friendship.

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