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Living Vicariously through My Characters, Vintage Trailer Edition

So, I have this heroine I’ve been working on. She’s fun, she’s cute, she loves dogs. She’s also the proud owner of a 1965 vintage trailer that she refurbished with her own two hands—in fact, it’s the cornerstone of her personality.

Two weeks ago, this was not the case. That’s because two weeks ago, I hadn’t yet stumbled on a street fair of vintage trailers.


I’ve always loved RVs and tiny houses. My family goes to the fair every year, and my favorite part is always the display of RVs they have. They let you walk in and ooh and aah and imagine a kick-ass life on the road. And I like tiny houses because, well, they’re tiny. Small things are my favorite things. So even though I’ve seen vintage trailers around and admired them from afar, I’ve never really had a chance to go inside and poke around.

Well, now I’ve poked. And I’m hooked.

These things are not large, and they’re not super glamorous. The 1960s design means that you’ve got small spaces, no bathrooms, and lots of creaky bits. Living in one would probably be uncomfortable over the long haul.



I want one more than I’ve ever wanted anything. Not only would one of these make an amazing office in the backyard, but weekend trips would be so much fun. I’ve started scouring the local Craigslist ads for a fixer upper project, but these suckers are so trendy right now, I might be looking for a while.

Which is why, in the meantime, I’m letting my heroine live it up in a vintage trailer of her own. I get all the fun of looking at Pinterest pictures and reading up on DIY…and none of the discomfort of actually doing the work. 

I know there are lots of us out there who lust after book boyfriends, but for the time being, I’m lusting after this book trailer instead.

Tamara Morgan is a contemporary comedy romance author. Ninety-nine percent of her information comes from television, movies, books, and all other pop culture activities that limit the amount of time she has to spend in polite company.

Her long-lived affinity for romance novels survived a B.A. degree in English Literature, after which time she discovered it was much more fun to create stories than analyze the life out of them. She lives with her husband and daughter in the Inland Northwest, where the summers are hot, the winters are cold, and coffee is available on every street corner.

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