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Hooray! Horror Movies by Abbie Roads

When I was little, I had horrible nightmares. I would wake up in my bed so petrified I couldn't move and worse of all I couldn't even scream.

The diagnosis: Night terrors.
The recommendation: Nothing scary. No scary movies. No scary TV shows. My parents took this to heart and I didn't watch anything scary until my teen years.

Which means...
I missed out on all the really good horror movies of the times!
I saw none of them.
No Jason.
No Freddy.
No Micheal Myers.

Until last year, when I decided that each Halloween I would pick a classic horror movie series and watch it.

2016 was the Halloween Movies.

Maybe it's their age--or my age--but they didn't frighten me. And I finally got to see what all the fuss was about!

This year my plan is to watch the Friday the 13th movies.

I watched the first one on Sunday. Kevin Bacon was in it. Who knew?

For Halloween 2018 I'm going to watch the Nightmare on Elm Street movies!

What's your favorite scary movie?

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