Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy Fall!

Happy First Day of Fall, everyone! Here in Texas it doesn't feel much like fall, of course, but we know how to pretend. I can carry my pumpkin latte while hanging my Halloween wreath--all in shorts and t-shirts, of course. Because it's still 90 degrees.

But I have more to celebrate this fall. In November the first book in my Survivors series releases. Third Son's a Charm has received a lot of advance praise and made a couple of lists of new books to read this fall, like this one from RetailMeNot.

I hope you're looking forward to it as well, and just to give you a peek, I've written a prologue, which introduces some of the characters and shows how the troop began. You can check it out if you're an RT Book Reviews Subscriber or get it free when you join my newsletter.

Happy Reading!

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