Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas is Coming! And Pretty Rocking Horses!

It's fall, still hot, hot, hot here in the Houston area.

So after all the flooding from Hurricane Harvey, I'm ready for cooler weather. The health department and DOD are spraying for the mosquitoes, which is another reason we need COOL weather!

Our roads were flooded and we couldn't get mail delivery, UPS delivery, couldn't navigate the roads out of the development for days. Electricity kept flickering on and off, and I had to give up on writing for a while because it kept shutting down my computer. But my daughter's home ( a half mile from me) and mine were fine. She had water on her patio and I gave her bags of bark mulch to help keep it from going higher. Food shortages galore. Need D batteries for camp lanterns, flashlights, out at all the stores? This was at a time when we realized the tropical storm had turned into a hurricane. No flashlights, camp lanterns, camp stoves.  Bottled water was gone and trucks couldn't get in to deliver it. So it was a wild couple of weeks.

The lightning was nonstop one night. We were under tornado watches and flood warnings constantly. When we were under tornado warning, I moved the puppies to an interior hall where we stayed.

But luckily, it skipped us. I gave to several church and pet shelter relief efforts. It was just heartbreaking what so many people had lost, and then while some were trying to dry out their furniture, others were stealing it!

Anyway, I felt so bad for everyone who died during the storm, or lost everything.

This is the second "historical weather event" I've been through since moving here a year ago. We had El Nino rains that were nonstop for days, just like with the hurricane, we had flooded roads and homes then too. My daughter and son-in-law assured me it never happens. Ever. Then Hurricane Harvey happened. *ahem*

So on lighter news, it's time for FALL, for wolves, and Christmas!

Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas comes out in October!

Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas
Oct 2017
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And my SEAL Wolves are on sale!

My SEAL series is on special for a limited time! time! SEAL Wolf by  Terry Spear
62 cents to 99 cents: The SEAL wolves are practically free! Be sure if you haven’t gotten them already to do so now. I don’t know how long it will last.

And I just had fun purchasing a couple of beautiful rocking horses, they're old, and I think replicas of antique ones.

They make me feel like Christmas!

Have a great day!!

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