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Lazy Days of Summer

The middle of August already! Are you on vacation? Have you had a vacation? Where’d you go and what did you do?
I'm paying my first visit to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
So along with a beautiful, historic city in Scotland, I’m getting all the theater you can imagine. The printed program is almost an inch thick! And in among all those comedies and dramas, there’s this talk – The Romance Novel as High Art.
Here’s the description:
Anyone can write a romance novel. Or can they? Amy Burge (University of Edinburgh) did a whole PhD on romance novels (yes, you can do that) and reckons there’s more to them than you think. Come along and join Amy in this 60-minute brainstorming session and decide for yourself if romance novels deserve more esteem. Amy will introduce you to popular motifs and you’ll get a chance to suggest characters, costumes, settings and even the title! Will you leave with a higher opinion of this seemingly frivolous genre?
You can bet I’m going to be there. And good for Dr. Amy Burge, who blogs, seriously, here. I look forward to meeting her.