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I’m so excited! The re-release of KNIGHT ON THE TEXAS PLAINS is out! Oh man, I’m glad to get it back into readers’ hands again. This story that first released in 2002 was inspired by a true event in my childhood so it’s very dear to my heart.

After losing his wife and son in childbirth, Duel McClain leaves and starts drifting from town to town, not caring if he lives or dies. He rides into a Texas border town, ties up at the hitching rail, and saunters into the saloon. He spies a card table and sits down to play poker. When the opponent across from him runs out of money, he reaches for a baby on the floor. He plops her down in the center of the table and announces that the winner of the hand gets the baby too.

Duel wins with aces ’n eights—the Deadman’s hand. He doesn’t need another responsibility. He can barely take care of himself so he tries to give the baby girl back but the man snarls that he’ll sell her before dark. Duel won’t let that happen so he tucks her against him and leaves.

He wrestles with to do with her and finally decides the best solution is to go back to the piece of land he’d abandoned.

On the way, he runs across a woman in shock, covered in blood. She’s wanted for murder but he can see scars of abuse and knows she’s no threat. He strikes a bargain—he’ll take her anywhere she wants to go in exchange for help with the baby.

But how long do they have before the law catches up with her and she faces the hangman’s rope that’s waiting?

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As I said, this story was inspired by a childhood event. When I was eight years old, I used to play with a girl next door. But the man and woman weren’t her parents at all. The man had won her in a poker game. She used to cry and tell me that one day she was going to find her real parents and ask them why they couldn’t love her. The couple she lived with gave her a horrible, unsafe home. The man didn’t work and was drunk every single day of his life. I can’t imagine how much she suffered beyond the verbal abuse I heard. I promised myself that one day I’d give her the happy ending she never got even if it was in fiction. Somehow, I think she’d be pleased.

This is the first book of a series called Texas Heroes. Book #2 comes out in February and Book #3 in May. I hope you’ll try them.

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"Broday (the Men of Legend series) has a knack for capturing the hesitations of both Duel and Jessie and unfurling a twisting plot without resorting to melodrama...Fans of historical romances will be pleased.”  ~~~ Publisher's Weekly

"Beauty and warmth spring from the pages as the quiet strength and grace of the characters capture readers' heart and bring that deep sigh they crave."  ~~~ Romantic Times 4 1/2 Stars TOP PICK!

"Broday’s latest is a tender romance to touch the heart."  ~~~ BookPage

"This story is simply endearing, packed with powerful message of humanity and the true healing power of family and love!!"  ~~~ Addicted to Romance

 "I was completely swept away by this wonderful story filled with characters that will stay with me."
        ~~~ Carole's Random Life in Books

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Question: Duel names his ranch Aces 'n Eights. Near me are the Pitchfork, Four Sixes, Spade, and Frying Pan ranches. Do you know the humorous names of any whether in fiction or real?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful story!

  2. Hi Catslady! Thank you for coming. It's great to have you. Maybe I've tempted you into trying this book. I think you'll love Duel McClain and his love for a poor babe that no one wants. Love you!


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