Saturday, June 24, 2017

SEAL Wolf Undercover and Night of the Wolf

The skies have really been spectacular lately–beautiful storm clouds, yet, they’re not really producing storms, just an art pallet of color.

Uh, huh. It’s thundering out now. I was out taking pictures of the thunderheads, all blue and white, this morning.

Tanner, the Havanese chilling out on the jaguar blanket is a jaguar wannabe.  I took the picture of the jaguars at the Cameron Park Zoo.

SEAL Wolf Undercover is coming out in August, but I was just finishing up edits on Flight of the White Wolf and the novella: Night of the Wolf, that will be in the re-release of Heart of the Wolf. Can't wait to show off the cover. It's coming out in January.

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SEAL Wolf Undercover: Wolves and Jaguars in one. What could be better?

Oh, I had to do some research on closing a bank account, and I checked online, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for,  so I called my bank.

“What is this for?” he kept asking me.

I told him I could acknowledge him in the book.

“No, thanks, that’s all right. What is your name again?”

I’m sure he had fun telling about that crazy woman who called him about closing a bank account. Forms of ID, how much could you take out? Yes, really, it’s in the story.  Heart of the Wolf’s re-release in January. Night of the Wolf, the new novella in the story.

It’s fiction. She’s a wolf shifter. It’s fantasy. *sigh* No one believes they really exist. But we know better, don’t we!

Off to work! Have a spectacular day!

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