Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Silver Town Wolves are Uniquely Hot!

Tiger Mix Ganzania flowers. The orange and yellow one is yet another version that popped out yesterday. They fold up and pop out a new flower, but most are different, all on the same two plants. It was one of two rescued plants that were dying at a hardware store, and they’re my favorite because of all the unique flowers.

And I was excited to learn that an unnamed plant I rescued at the same hardware store last spring is a gorgeous daylily, unique color from my others. It was like Christmas when it flowered!

In writing, each of my stories has to be unique also. I’m finishing up book 25 in the wolf series. They’re all stand alone, so no need to read them in order. I turned in Flight of the White Wolf–and now am finishing up, and finishing up, and finishing up The Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf. I have had a bounty hunter heroine before, but she was trying to take down a Mobster, the same one that turned her and murdered her mother in Dreaming of the Wolf. And, she was newly turned. In this one, the bounty hunter is after a wolf. But not just any wolf–a Silver wolf.

She should have known what would happen when she went into Silver Town–a wolf pack run town to take down one of their own.

Dreaming of the Wolf
Is he real or only a vision of his deepest desires…
Book 8
The Silver Wolves rule!

Have a great, and uniquely interesting day!

Terry Spear
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