Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The bucket list vacation!

Hey, everyone!
I was recently fortunate enough to actually cross off the # 1 item on my bucket list--namely a Mediterranean cruise. I have so many pictures on my phone, that now I need to figure out which ones to share here. Wish me luck! LOL

I'll try to share one from each port...keep in mind that if a picture paints a thousand words and I have a thousand pictures, that's about a million words I could say to you. Don't worry. I won't even try!

First Venice. We arrived early and spent three days here, so I'll share 3 of the very different islands we visited here.
Murano, famous for Murano glass. Yes, I bought some. :)
Me and my DD in beautiful St. Marco square.
The adorable colorful island of Burano, famous for its hand made lace. Yes, I got some of that too.
First port after Venice was Dubrovnik, Croatia. Nicknamed King's Landing. We took a tram to the top of the hill where there were spectacular views of this cool walled city. 
Island of Malta, and the cathedral of the Knight's Templar. This pic is one alcove and minimizes the grand scale, but I wanted to show a few of the floor tiles. These are the grave markers of the knights.
Guess who? Yes, it's Michelangelo's statue of David in a museum in Florence. The one outside in Politico Square is a copy. Some idiot took a hammer to one of his toes, so they had to move it inside and charge money to see it. What is wrong with people?
Here is Nice, France. The largest city on the French Rivera. We also went to Cannes and Grasse, which is the perfume capitol of the world. Yes, I bought some real French Perfume right from the factory where they made it.
Entrance to a bull fighting ring in Majorca only used for concerts. My husband, who I righty call Mr. Amazing, made this whole trip possible, so here is a picture of my wonderful real life hero.
The island of Ibizza. Last stop before the cruise ended in Barcelona. Hard to leave all that beauty and history behind, and it was just a taste, but we know where we'd like to come back to and spend more time someday.  Speaking of taste, the only downside to this trip was the 6 pounds I gained in 12 days! Yikes!

What is your #1 bucket list item? (It doesn't have to be a vacation destination...)

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  1. As I live in Spain, I know a lot of those places, but I love them and very glad you to have enjoyed them. My #1 bucket list item is a travel to Australia, but who knows?