Thursday, May 11, 2017

Appreciating Our Readers

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attend the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend. I was thrilled to be asked to attend and also excited because I’d never been to Wisconsin, although I’ve spent a lot of time in western Michigan on the other side of Lake Michigan.

Anytime I have the chance to spend time with readers, I grab it. Especially if it means I get out of cooking dinner. I have to say this was one of the best events I’ve been to. The readers were so much fun and everyone was really nice. I wish I’d been able to see some of the city, but the weekend was packed.

The highlight of the weekend was a luncheon on Saturday. All 60 authors decorate their tables with a theme. I chose the French Revolution since I have a book set during the French revolution coming out this summer. Here are a few pictures.

It was purely by luck I got that guillotine. A friend of mine teaches history, and a couple of her students did a project on the French Revolution. They made the guillotine and I begged her to ask them if I could have it. The tricky part was getting it to Milwaukee in one piece!

Some of the other decorations were cockades, like the ones the revolutionaries wore to show their loyalty to the republic; a set of Robespierre earrings; and a real assignat, which is the money that replaced the livre when the monarchy was overthrown.

All of the tables were amazing, and it was so much fun to walk around and see what each author had done. I think the readers had just as much fun as we did.

Are there any events like this near you?

Alyssa Day and Shana

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  1. So cool!
    I've been dying to get to that one, but it's always full by the time I try to sign up for it.That's one reason I started my own romance reader/author conference!
    Hey, you should check into ours, and get on the waiting list before it's a mile long!
    We'd love to have you AND your guillotine, Shana!