Thursday, April 27, 2017

Writing Spaces

As the weather (finally) warms up in my neck of the woods, I find myself beginning my annual #writingview journey. For all of my writing life, I've had an active and easily bored child by my side. When she was little, this meant I spent a lot of time at mall playgrounds with my laptop in hand. Now that she's older, the mall playgrounds don't cut it, but the need to get out of the house is still very much there.

Which is why, a few years ago, I started documenting all the beautiful, boring, and flat-out bizarre places I get my writing done. Roller skating rinks, trampoline parks, the area in the YMCA overlooking the pool, squashed up in the car during volleyball name it, I've been there furiously trying to get my word count in for the day.

Sunny days are pool days.

Rainy days are pool days, too.
It's turned into a kind of joke in my family...where has Tamara dragged her computer today? It's like one of those cute garden gnome journeys, but instead of going cool places like France or Australia, I'm staring at a brick wall outside a coffeeshop.

Even though it's not always glamorous, this process works really well for my productivity. Ideally, I'd like to someday have a freestanding summer house in the backyard that's secluded and sunny and dedicated 100 percent to writing, but until that day arrives, I make do with what I have: an active, busy life that requires me to squeeze in the writing wherever I can. 

Plus, this lets you follow along. Check out the #writingview hashtag on my Instagram feed, and you, too, can enjoy poolside writing days and frustrated attempts to find the perfect shady spot.


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