Friday, March 10, 2017

Tea and Crumpets in New York

One of my favorite things about writing Regency romance is getting to live vicariously through my characters as they enjoy the perks of London aristocrats in 1820. Dancing in Almack's, visiting the lion in the Tower, and of course, taking tea every day in a duchess' house.

In my real life, I can't dance (not very well) and I don't get to go to zoos very often, but one of the pleasures of my life is drinking tea. I've got a few favorite places where I have enjoyed tea and scones along with a few tea cakes, and I want to share those spots with you.

Facade of imposing building with Greek columns. Large colored banners hang from the building's top. A crowd of people is in front.

When I lived in New York, I had the joy of walking through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I often took a rest at the Petrie Court Cafe on the edge of the sculpture garden looking out onto Central Park and the obelisk Cleopatra's Needle. Dainty sandwiches, scones and a pot of tea make this a lovely place to indulge yourself.

Baby shower 1a_Tea_Cup_9_28_09_0148.jpg

Also uptown, whether on the East Side or the West, Alice's Tea Cup is another amazing place to enjoy a cuppa. My favorite was on Columbus Ave but each and every Alice's Tea Cup is whimsical fun with delicious homemade scones and loose tea by the giant pot. The sandwiches are huge too, so when I dragged my dad and brother there against their will, they actually had enough to eat.

The posh tea spot that I fell in love with while living in New York was Lady Mendl's Tea room on Irving Place downtown, A five course indulgent tea set in a wonderful Edith Wharton like home was the perfect end to a day of shopping with my mom and godmother. And the food was amazing.

So if you want to indulge in afternoon tea fit for a duchess, when you visit New York, you'v got a lot of fabulous options.

Ever since Christy English picked up a fake sword in stage combat class at the age of fourteen, she has lived vicariously through the sword-wielding women of her imagination. Sometimes an actor, always a storyteller, Christy works happily with Sourcebooks Casablanca to bring the knife-throwing women of her novels to life. A banker by day and a writer by night, she loves to eat chocolate, drink too many soft drinks, and walk the mountain trails of her home in western North Carolina.

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