Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Regency Improv

I went to the most fabulous show last night, perfect for a lover of Regency romance. It was part of an ongoing series called Austentatious, in which a group of talented actors create an entirely improvised comedy in the style of Jane Austen. In the moment, on stage, in full Regency costume, with live musical accompaniment.
I’m always in awe at improv performances. What a gift, to be able to create comedy from a handful of words and phrases thrown at you without any preparation, even as you’re stared at by a crowd waiting to be entertained. Yikes! These actors were masters not only of that challenging form, but also of Austen-ian language and style.
On arrival at the theater, we audience members were handed slips of paper and asked to jot down “titles” of unknown Jane Austen novels. Past shows have included Bath to the Future, Strictly Come Darcy, Mansfield Shark, and Man-filled Park. I offered them Senseless Sensibility, Cliffhanger Abbey, and Fifty Shades of Emma.
Our suggestions were put into a basket. A bit later, the curtain rose, and the cast chose their subject by drawing a title and diving right in.
They were wonderful! I absolutely recommend this show. And the best thing is, we can go over and over again, because it’s  never the same twice.
 For a taste of Austentatious, look here: http://www.austentatiousimpro.com/showreel/

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