Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lea Griffith Interviews Her Flash of Fury Character Kingston McNally

We are REALLY excited about Flash of Fury, book one in Lea Griffith's Endgame Ops series, which just published on Tuesday. Here to tell us a bit more about the book and King, our super sexy love interest, is both Lea...and King! 


We all have our favorite characters—the ones who root around in our mind, make themselves at home and never leave. As an author I’m privileged to have penned the story of one of my favorites. I struggled with how best to introduce you and figured I’d interview him. I finally managed to catch up to Kingston McNally, team leader of Endgame Ops. Have you heard of Endgame Ops? Yeah, they’ve been all in the news lately, some outlets calling them traitors to their country, other hailing them as heroes.

Me? Well, I say they’re heroes. Alpha heroes. Sexy and so badass it’s hard to stand in their presence without needing a towel to wipe the sweat from your forehead. Without further ado, allow me to intro King, or Your Highness, as his teammates call him.

Hold onto your towels ladies. He’s panty-melting hot. Six feet two inches of lean musculature, deep brown hair, and green eyes. His face looks to have been carved from granite and he surpasses any expectation you could ever have for sexiness. His presence is something you feel over your skin and in your bones. He’s…well, nearly indescribable.

Me: “Sooooo…King. Can I call you King?”

King: “Sure, no problem with that. How you doin’, Lea?”

Me: (wipes forehead—yes, it’s already begun) “I’m solid. How’re things in the murky world of black ops?”

King: “Seriously? You’ve got a few minutes of my time and that’s what you’re going to ask me?”

Me:  (shrugs) “I could ask you about Allie Redding…”

King:  “Black ops world is still murky.”

Me:  (coughs to cover my laugh) “Ahhhh…sensitive about Ms. Redding, eh?”

King:  (Just looks at me)

Me:  (wipes forehead…again)  “You’re not going to give me anything about Allie, are you?”

King:  (Shakes head and crosses arms over his chest—I’ve noticed he does that a lot—crosses his arms over that incredibly awesome chest)

Me:  “Nothing at all? Just a little bit—something to wet the readers’ appetite?”

King:  “You’re going to keep at me until I give in, yeah? You’re stubborn. Here’s something—Allie is stubborn as hell too.”  (He lets out a deep heavy sigh here that has me wiping my forehead again—seriously, everything this man does is hotness.)

Me:  “Stubborn…check. What else can you give me? Are you two involved? Is she safe? Are we safe here?”

(I look around at this point, starting to give myself the heebie jeebies. I know Endgame Ops is involved in heavy, scary stuff.)

King:  “Me and my men wouldn’t allow you to be in harm’s way. You’ve got the rest of the team’s story to tell. And yeah, my woman is safe. You want more about her though? I’ll give you something—she’s the only light in my world some days. She smells like wildflowers and she pushes every single button I’ve got and doesn’t let up, even when I give her what she wants.”

Me: “I’m sensing you might be okay with that?”

(King eyeballs me—the green of his eyes is startling in both clarity and depth. Breathtaking in a word.)

King:  “She’s…frustrating. Sometimes in the very best way.”

(At this point King removes the weight of his gaze from me and I’m finally able to take a deep breath. He glances at his watch and there’s a knock on the door followed by a deep, British-accented voice telling him, “It’s time.”)

Me: “Time for what?”

King: “Lea, Lea, Lea—I could tell you buuuut…”

Me: “I kinda want to throat-punch you, McNally.”

(He laughs at this and the sound rumbles through me, settling in my belly before spreading through my body. This man is potent.)

King:  “I’m sure, if you stick with us long enough, me and my team will have you completely at peace with your feelings of frustration. Look, I’m not giving you anymore about my woman.”

Me:  (my heart kinda stuttered at the whole “my woman” thing and I wipe another shaky hand over my forehead) “Nothing?”

King: “Nope. But if you want a story, once all of this with Horace Dresden is over, I’ll give you a one-on-one with me and Allie. Until then, I suggest you keep yourself safe. And don’t tell anyone you’ve had this conversation.”

Me: “I get the exclusive, McNally. Promise!”

He just winks and then he’s gone. Between one blink and the next, just gone.

Sorry I couldn’t give you more. He’s locked up so tight I couldn’t get a penny between his legs, hell, the whole team is. But they get mad points for the sexy, protective vibe they give off. And if you’re looking for a team a team of badass special ops soldiers and the women willing to give them a run for their money, Endgame Ops is your series. Start off with Flash of Fury and immerse yourself in action, suspense, and romance hot enough to singe your eyeballs.

So I’ve told you mine and now it’s time for you to tell me yours. Who is your #1? The hero that invaded your mind and you just can’t let go?


Lea Griffith has been reading romance novels since a young age. She cut her teeth on the greats: McNaught, Woodiwiss, and Garwood. She still consumes every romance book she can put her hands on, and now she writes her own compelling romantic suspense. Lea lives with her husband and three teenage daughters in rural Georgia. Website | Twitter | Facebook

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