Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Help me pick the title for my next Brides of Prophecy Book! Plus giveaway!

Hey everyone! Thanks so much to all of you who purchased and/ or reviewed Wynter's Bite! I hope you enjoyed the latest installment of my Scandals with Bite series. I do have two more books planned, but for now I'm going to switch gears because the next book I'm working on is Brides of Prophecy book 5.
As you can see, I already have the cover models picked out. Don't they look lovely?
Anyway, I have a few ideas for the title, but I need to narrow it down. For a chance to win the Brides of Prophecy Box set, which includes the first three books, reply in the comments and tell me which one you like best!
Pleading Trust
Negotiating Trust
Pleading Hunger
Pleading Thirst
Negotiating Lust
Pleading Rapture
Anyway, I'm off to write and hope my next book doesn't disappoint.


  1. After having your fate torn from you, you must make a sacrifice to create your own destiny in the hopes that your life will once again be yours.. You must negotiate the trust between your and your fate and destiny.
    Negotiating Trust. :3

  2. Just curious...why not Negotiating Rapture? Happy writing!

  3. If that was to me, it's because if fate and destiny don't trust each other, there's no hope for your future.