Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Two Brothers...
One Woman...
And one final chance for Redemption

I'm so excited to have this book out again! It first released in 2005 under the title Redemption by Dorchester Publishing but it never really got its due. Maybe this time it will.

The story has always been one of my favorites. There's just something about two people and a love they can't claim. Especially if there's danger and suspense surrounding them. This takes place four years following the Civil War when Texas was occupied by the military who was going to make sure we paid for our part in the war.

It's set in the swamps of far East Texas which is perfect for people in hiding.

The Back Cover Copy:

Desperate to escape her dark past, Laurel James agrees to wed the mayor of a small East Texas town. With him, life will be quiet, respectable. Safe. It should be everything she ever wanted.

And it is. Until Shenandoah rides back into town.

Shenandoah never thought he would find the woman he’s loved and lost…and he certainly never dreamed she’d be pledged to his brother. He knows he should step aside—he has nothing to offer a woman like Laurel James—but the moment their eyes meet, Shenandoah is lost. He can only find peace in her arms…but can redemption be more than a dream for a man who has known nothing but war?

 * * * * *

"Great for fans of history, romance, and some good old Texas grit."  ~~ Kirkus Reviews

Capturing the struggle to survive some of life’s most difficult challenges is one of Broday’s talents as she pulls fans into the hard-scrabble aftermath of triumph against all odds." ~~ Romantic Times - 4 stars

 "TEXAS REDEMPTION is Linda Broday’s way of reminding us just how difficult life was in the old west. Lawlessness was just one of the daily perils faced by these pioneers."  ~~ Night Owl Reviews

* * * * *

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Some readers love secret baby stories and I have to admit that I'm a sucker for any kind of secret. But I really get into stories where the hero and heroine meet and fell in love before then by happen chance come together again. Only usually something stands in the way, keeping them apart. This is the case of Texas Redemption.

If you have a favorite kind of plot, I'd love to hear it.

* * * * *

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