Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Food for Thought

Happy January 11th, everyone! I'm Katie Ruggle, author of the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue series and the upcoming Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit series.

When I'm not writing, I'm usually baking up a storm at my day job (well, more like my night job). During my time at the bakery, I've come to find that creating food for people is surprisingly similar to writing a book.

To make caramel rolls, for example, I first weigh out the ingredients and mix them together in a bowl that is big enough for me to bathe in (although I never would, because that would be gross). This is like writing a rough draft. My frequent advice to aspiring authors is to finish that first draft. Once it's done, then you have the raw dough to shape how you wish. Without it, you just have honey, flour, butter, eggs, milk, yeast, salt, and an idea.

After it's mixed, I oil up the table, roll out the dough, cover it with butter and cinnamon sugar, and turn it into a boa-constrictor-like tube that I can cut into individual rolls. This is similar to the editing process, where you pound your rough draft into something resembling the final book.

Then, the rolls are placed in pans with the caramel mixture and baked (which is like the...uh, printing process, maybe? Yeah, I know, I'm reaching).

Presenting the caramel rolls for sale reminds me of promoting my books by encouraging people to eat (or read) this delicious-looking item. Pretty book covers help.

 Run to Ground by Katie Ruggle

The only thing left to do (with either a caramel roll or a book) is enjoy! May your 2017 be filled with lots of sweet treats and good reads.