Thursday, December 8, 2016

This is Our Song is Here!!

I never thought I'd write a series, but now that I've written several I find that I love them!  I also never thought I could love a family that I created quite as much as my Montgomerys, but I have to tell you, these Shaughnessys have stolen my heart!

THIS IS OUR SONG is book 4 in the series and is focused on Riley Shaughnessy - a rock star in crisis.  With his band on hiatus and all doing their own thing, Riley decides to embark on a solo career.  The only problem?  The music isn't coming to him.  At all.  So in order to buy himself more time, he agrees to an all-access interview from Rock the World magazine.  He's totally against it - he doesn't want anyone else questioning why he can't seem to finish the album - but then he meets the journalist who will be interviewing him.

Enter Savannah Daly.

Savannah is not in the least bit happy about this assignment.  She had plans to hit the road with Coldplay (she has a serious crush on Chris Martin!), but once this opportunity came up for the magazine, her boss pulls rank and tells her she'll have to catch them on their next tour.  With both of them going into this process kind of against their will, the last thing either of them expects is to be attracted to each other.  But alas, this is a romance!

 I loved the idea of writing a book about a musician.  I LOVE listening to music and going to concerts and there is just something about a rock star that is just naturally sexy!  Our girl Savannah didn't stand a chance against Riley and his musical ways!  Their first day together, Riley opts to have them simply hang out together and get to know one another before embarking on the whole interview process.  They watch movies and play ping-pong and when they bet on who will win...well...this is how it turned out...

Two oversized recliners were centered in front of the screen and they each sat down. Riley started the movie and within minutes Savannah was more relaxed and they were both laughing along with the story.

She kicked her sandals off and tucked her feet up on the chair beside her. Next she pulled the clip out of her hair so she could relax her head against the back of the comfortable chair. Looking to her right, she saw Riley was watching her. His expression was intense and for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. “Is everything okay?”

He didn’t answer right away.


“I still have to decide what I get for winning those last two rounds,” he said, his voice low and gravelly.

Savannah nodded, hypnotized by the way his eyes had gone so dark.

“I’m going to combine them into one request,” he said, and it sounded more like a warning than a statement.

“Okay.” Her own voice was almost a breathy whisper.

Leaning closer, Riley’s eyes zeroed in on her lips before meeting her eyes. “Savannah?”


“I’m going to kiss you. Twice.”


His hand snaked out and around her nape and slowly drew her closer to him. And then his lips touched hers and Savannah’s brain simply stopped functioning.


There was no other way Savannah could possibly describe how she felt right now. Even though Riley had told her what he was going to do, it hadn’t prepared her for the reality of it. And really, there was no way to prepare for something like this.

It wasn’t rushed.                                    
 It wasn’t heated and frantic.
 She sighed.

Riley’s hands slowly came up and skimmed across her cheeks before combing into her hair. His lips were softer than she would have imagined, and he seemed in no hurry to do more than lazily explore her lips.

It was a heady feeling.

Before she knew it, her hands were inching their way up his arms and stopped when they got to his wrists. He was hard and muscled and if it were up to her, Savannah would gladly stay locked like this forever. They sipped at one another—gently teasing and tasting. It was something she’d never done before—never bothered to take the time to merely enjoy the act of kissing.

With this one kiss it was possible Riley Shaughnessy had ruined her for any other man. She’d dated plenty in her life, but no one had ever kissed her like this. And she had a feeling no one else ever would.

Should she argue? Tell him this was more than two kisses? This wasn’t part of the plan. Kissing Riley had never been part of any plan. Ever. How was she supposed to ever look him in the eye and ask him any questions when from this point forward, all she’d want is for him to kiss her again?

Riley must have sensed her sudden anxiety because he took one last taste and lifted his head. Not far, just enough to rest his forehead against hers. Savannah swallowed hard and had to fight the urge to pull his lips back to hers.

“Wow.” He sighed.

Yeah…that was pretty much the only thing she could think of to describe what they’d just done.

It couldn’t happen again. She had a job to do. An important job that was going to give her a cover story, and no kissing—no matter how damn spectacular it was—was going to get in the way of that. Although once she opened her eyes and forced herself to look at Riley, she could barely remember why the article was so important.

How will these two EVER get this interview done???  You'll just have to pick up a copy of THIS IS OUR SONG and find out!!