Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hello and Greetings!

Hello, there! My name is Tamara Morgan, and I’m new to the Sourcebooks Casablanca family. 

My FBI-agent-married-to-a-jewel-thief debut comes out in March of next year. STEALING MR. RIGHT is a heist romance (I know that's not a real genre, but I like the sound of it anyway), and I'm very excited to see it out in the world. The release date is still a ways away, however, so I thought I’d use my inaugural post to tell you a little about myself.

Five little things, in fact, offered in no particular order.

1. I’ve never stolen anything. I love to write about thieves, con artists, and other law-breaking characters, but in real life, I’m as straight-laced as they come. In fact, I’m the person who will go back into a store if it turns out the cashier gave me an extra dollar in change. (I can’t help it – having worked in retail, I know the pain of having cash missing from your till at the end of the day.) I did, however, cheat at school quite a bit.

2.  I’m addicted to old musicals. Nothing puts me in a good mood faster than a random outburst of song—the cheesier, the better. I especially love that television shows are starting to do this now. (I teared up a little when I heard Galavant wasn’t being picked up for a third season. I loved it so!)

3. My superhero secret power is my ability to sleep anytime, anywhere, and for any length of time I want. It drives my family crazy with jealousy, but I can take a ten-minute catnap at the drop of a hat and awake perfectly refreshed. (This is a skill I highly recommend cultivating, by the way. Catnaps are the best.)

4.  If given a choice, I would move to IKEA. I only went to IKEA for the first time a few years ago, and the experience changed my life. I don’t know why, but those tiny house layouts are the epitome of everything I want in this world. My husband and I have been known to take vacations to Seattle for the sole purpose of going there to shop (we refer to it as “Disneyland for Grownups"). And, yes, we're aware how pathetic that sounds.

5. I’m the most competitive person you know. Blame it on growing up with two brothers or spending most of my youth on the soccer field, but I love a good battle and all the smack talk that comes with it. Family game nights can get pretty heated around here, especially if Dr. Mario is included in the lineup. To date, no one has been able to beat me at it.

So, there you go! I plan to tell you a lot more about my upcoming series (and my mad love of heists) as my release date approaches, so stay tuned for a much deeper look at my inner workings. With bonus jewel thieves!


Tamara Morgan is the author of thirteen contemporary comedy romances and the upcoming Penelope Blue series. Her books combine fast-paced antics and humor with heartfelt sentiment, and have been described as both “utterly unconventional and wonderfully smart.” Her debut novel was chosen as the Smart Bitches Trashy Books book club pick in April of 2012, and her books have since gone on to receive two starred reviews from Library Journal and three Romantic Times Magazine Top Picks, one of which was nominated in the 2014 RT Reviewers' Choice Awards in the Contemporary Love & Laughter category. 

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