Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What happens near THE END – Kathy Lyons /Jade Lee

I love writing books, but eventually every book has to end. Guess what my emotions are as I head toward the final chapter. (And yes, I do actually talk to my characters out loud like this.)

A.      Shut up already and kiss! 
B.      That wasn’t a beautiful enough proposal. Try again.
C.       No, don’t leave me!
D.      OMG this book will never end!

Answer: All of the above – Almost every stage of writing has conflicting emotions, but as I head to the final chapter, everything gets heightened. Hopefully the reader’s does too! I find myself simultaneously reluctant to write and so damned anxious to finish the book, I can’t stand it. I’ve yelled at my characters to just get on with it! It’s time to say, “I love you” and kiss! I’ve also dragged my feet and don’t want the book to end. It’s weird. I’m a very disciplined writer, but I always end up slowing down as I get toward the end. I don’t want to close this book just yet. And also, I want the final I love you to be as beautiful as possible. If I’m not tearing up at the end, you won’t be either. But damn, that’s hard to write!

Now guess what the BEST part of writing The End is.

A.      Margarita time!
B.      Woo hoo! I get to start my revisions! (It’s not really over, studly hero. I get to fulfill my fantasies with you for a little longer!)
C.       Personal hygiene. Yes, when I finally type The End, I get to take a shower now and do laundry. And then comes the inevitable question: Why isn’t there anything but left over pizza in the refrigerator? 
D.      Oooh goody! (rubs hands together) Now which story do I get to start next? Cat-shifters? Demon possessed hotties? How about a gypsy and a titled lady? Oh the choices!

Answer: D – new stories!  Yes, I do celebrate writing The End and margaritas are fun. But more typically, I celebrate by showering, laundry, and grocery shopping. Really fun stuff…not. And I can’t think of a single writer who enjoys revisions, so let’s just skip over that one. That leaves picking my next project. Even when I swear I’m going to take some time off, my brain is furiously working away at all sorts of yummy ideas. What will I write next? The possibilities are endless!

So now it’s your turn. What do you think as you’re approaching the end of a book? Are you swooning over the happily ever after? Part of you thinking about housework that you’ve put off? Or are you busily searching for the next feel good read? Check out my latest FOR THE BEAR'S EYES ONLY video here!

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