Friday, August 19, 2016

Goodbye, Summer

Summer is over in the Galen household. In your part of the world, you might be stretching the season to Labor Day or it might have started weeks ago. My daughter starts first grade this year. All summer she has wanted nothing more than for school to start again. When I blog about the end of summer in 5 years, we’ll see if she still feels that way. One can hope!

Last year I asked a friend’s daughter how she felt about beginning middle school. She said, “Nervexcited.” That’s a great description of how I always felt before a new school year and how I feel before a book release.

This year I don’t have any more new books releasing. My next new release isn’t until 2017. It’s been so strange to have such a long gap between book releases. It’s also been nice to have a little bit of the pressure of looming deadlines off my shoulders. I still have deadlines, but there’s a little space between them this year. This isn’t to say I’m not a little nervexcited about the books coming out in 2017. I’ve had more time to think about them and mull them over, and that’s more time to feel both nervous and excited about their releases.

Is there anything you feel nervous and/or excited about?

Happy End of Summer!

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