Friday, July 15, 2016

Rock 'n' Ink: Tattoos

I’m brand new to the Sourcebooks Casablanca family with my first book, Beautiful Crazy, out this November. My series, Rock ’n’ Ink, is set in the Portland music scene and all about how opposites attract: Armani and metal, tattoos and ties. My stories usually pair a more straightlaced character with someone a lot more rebellious or counter-culture.

Oftentimes people think that business and music culture (tattoos, piercings, suits, and briefcases) are a mutually exclusive deal. In my life, that is not the case. I’ve worked many years as a marketing director AND I love tattoos. I have several and am working with my artist on a full back piece. I especially love them on men. In fact, when given the choice between the stable successful businessman or the sexy tattooed bad boy, I dumped suit guy and picked the bad boy. And I never looked back. Two amazing kids and 26 years later, I know I made the right decision. (Of course there's a lot more to my darling husband than his tattoos, but they certainly didn't hurt!)

But I love good tattoos. “Good” being the operative word. I realize art is subjective, but I have seen some pretty fugly tattoos in my day (I’m in my 40s). As a fan of music, I have spent a good amount of time at shows, concerts, and festivals. I've had the privilege to meet some amazing fans and musicians. But I have also played witness to my share of ugliness in the name of ink. Ugh.

To me, the decision to permanently modify your body is big. Big big. I’m pretty impulsive, but I would never just throw something on my body that didn’t have some meaning or symbolism attached to it. And, granted, even good tattoos age over time. Although some of my husband’s tattoos he’s had forever have faded and widened over the years, they still have a beautiful patina that I find incredibly sexy. Because they were done well.

I find the entire tattooing process to be very sensual and personal – from the design to application to the finished art-adorned body. I am attracted to the quality within a person that decides to get a tattoo – that rebellious, nonconformist hunger still runs thick through my blood. I’m fascinated by the styles of art people put on their bodies. I prefer more artistic, modern ink as opposed to the more traditional Asian styles my husband is covered in.

So, what do you think about tattoos in real life and on your book boyfriends and heroines?
While you ponder that, here’s some info on my upcoming release:

Out November 1, the first book in the debut series, Rock ’n’ Ink!

She's a rocker with attitude and ink...
He's a sexy suit who gets what he wants.

Kevan Landry is trying to keep her life on track and her brother in rehab. If her fledgling marketing firm can sign the hot new band, Manix Curse, it will make a world of difference. Mason Dillon heads the most successful music PR firm in Portland. He's desperate to breathe new life into the company by signing Manix Curse.

The last thing either one needs is a one-night stand with a smoldering stranger...

The stakes are high when a battle for the band-in the bedroom and the boardroom-becomes a battle of the heart. But if these two can set aside their differences, they may find they're the right mix of sexy savvy to conquer both their worlds.

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Award-winning author Kasey Lane writes sexy romances featuring music, hot guys with ink, kick ass women, and always a happily ever after. A California transplant, she lives with her high school crush turned husband, two smart, but devilish kids, two dumb-as-rocks Papillons, and a bunch of bossy chickens in the lush Oregon forest. Visit her at or on Twitter at @authorkaseylane where you’ll find her swearing too much and talking about the San Jose Sharks, tattoos, and Jack White.

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  1. You're so right about tattoos being a BIG DEAL. I'm definitely intrigued by them, although I don't yet have any of my own and, honestly, it wasn't until recently with the birth of my children, that I found anything I was willing to wear for the rest of my life. So excited for this book to come out. I LOVE that straight-laced vs. rebellious thing sooooo much!