Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I live in Northern Idaho, so late July and early August is a crucial time for me. It's huckleberry season. Huckleberries are somewhat related to blueberries, only they have a more extreme flavor. Very sweet with a touch of tartness.

They're fairly expensive, selling for over fifty dollars a gallon, but like many Idahoans, I pick my own.

To go get huckleberries, one needs to go high up in the mountains.

Then you find your spot (and don't tell anyone where it is.)

The bushes look like this:

It can take a few hours to get a gallon, but it's so worth it. Be sure to pick them with your fingers because rakes will kill the bushes.

When you finish, your fingers will be purple.

Then when you get home, you still have to wash the berries.

It's a ton of work, but totally worth it. Because now you can have huckleberry milkshakes, huckleberries on top of cake and ice cream, huckleberry jam, or just eat them straight like my grandpa.

Some people even make beer and wine out of them!

What's your favorite local treat?

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  1. That's so cool. Um, I don't know if Houston has any local treats...none we can go pick anyway.