Friday, June 10, 2016

My new series is here! Woot!

I Dream of Dragons, book 1 in the Boston Dragons series, was recently released. Book 2, My Wild Irish Dragon, is 'in the can' as they say in Hollywood. In other words, done, edited, proofread, and ready to go. It's even available for preorders! I'm SO excited about this series. If you loved my Strange Neighbors series and the Flirting with Fangs series, you'll love this one too. Why? Because it's a spin-off of both of those series! You'll see some old friends from the apartment building and the Boston Uncommon bar/tearoom again.

Here's an excerpt:

Amber mentally shook herself out of Rory’s drugging kiss. She had a few questions for the fire- breathing dragon.
She leaned back, reluctantly. Rory opened his eyes. “What’s wrong, luv?”
“Uh… We need to talk.”
Rory groaned but followed her to the futon and sank down next to her. She cocked her head. “What is it you don’t want to talk about? And why?”
“Everythin’. At least not now.” He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, and she noticed the erection tenting his pants. Her eyes must have bugged out, because he followed up with, “And that’s why.”
She chuckled. “We’ll get to that— maybe. I heard a few things when I was invisible.”
“Is that where you went? You became invisible? Am I to assume you can eavesdrop on me anytime you like?”
“No. I didn’t do it. The little guy— Lucky— did it. Well, he and the ghost were the ones who thought it up.”
Rory hit himself upside the head. “I should have known. Feckin’ mischief- makers.”
“It sounds like you know what they’re capable of. So, how were they able to do that?”
He sighed. “Leprechaun magic. How much did you overhear?”
“Enough to know you can fly and breathe fire. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen the fire coming out of your mouth with my own eyes.”
Rory gazed at the floor. “I suppose you want nuthin’ to do with me now that you know I’m a shapeshiftin’ dragon.”
Her eyebrows shot up. “You’re a shapeshifter too?”
“Well, o’ course. Me wings aren’t hid beneath me shirt.”
“Shift for me.”
“What?” He leaned back and stared at her as if she’d grown two heads.
“I should see what you look like in all your forms, especially if I’m sharing an apartment with you.”
A slow smile spread across his face. “You’re not afraid?”
She shrugged. “Depends. You won’t light me on fire if you get mad, will you?”
He laughed. “Darlin’, you’ve already made me as mad as I get, and you’re still standin’. Or rather sittin’ right beside me.”
“For some reason, I feel like I can trust you.”
“Grand. Then you should trust me with your secret too.”
“My secret?”
“Don’t treat me like I’m an idjit. Your friend, Euterpe… snapped her fingers and disappeared. Don’t tell me you didn’t know she’s a muse.”
Amber tried to look contrite. “I knew. I’m not an ‘idjit’ either.”
“And because this buildin’ seems to house and host a number of paranormals, tell me. What are you?”
She sighed. “I’m a muse too. The modern muse of air travel.” She could see she’d surprised him. He looked like she could poke him and he’d fall on the floor.
“Modern muse, you say? Are there others?”
“Yeah, but I’m not supposed to talk about them.”
“Can you give me a general idea of what’s covered?”
“I don’t know yet. I’m new. I was just recruited, so I guess you could call me a rookie.”
Suddenly, Mother Nature herself appeared in their living room. She didn’t bother to hide her identity with modern clothing. She wore her white robe, belted with a vine.
“Mother! I mean, Gaia!” Amber exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”
Rory rose swiftly. Reverently, he whispered, “Gaia? Mother of All?”
She smirked. “At last. Someone who treats me with the respect I deserve.”
He bowed. “I’m honored by your presence.”
“I like you, dragon.”
“…and I’m humbled by your opinion.”
She smiled sincerely this time. “He’s a charmer. I hope you know how lucky you are, muse.”

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Question: Do you prefer a series or stand-alones? 


  1. Congrats on the new release. I love series. Love following along with story and characters